Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taggie waggie makes U happy..

I have been tagged by thoorika .. thanks a lot thoorika for giving me a back link in ur blog.. got a lot of traffic from ur blog...thanks for tagging me too...

yeah,let me explain about the tag first. we have to write five funny things we do when we go for a movie or while watching a movie .hmmm yeah frankly, i thought a lot about this but still i don find any funny or unusual thing while going for or watching a movie.. am still thinking but unable to get one . let me try don mind if it sounds foolish .

1.yeah, this is not a habit but it happened once.. like i went to some movie dunno the movie name but it was damn boring. it was centi movie everyone,even my friends were totally immersed in the movie and in the climax scene as usual the villain comes and hits the hero for the first time in the movie and i was like whistling in the theatre.i was the only one whistling for the villain... people around me looked at me like who's this guy is he mad or wat.??? why is he whistling for the villain... but i had a great time while i was whistling for a sec all the people around me were staring at me..

2. This use to happen in the interval but not now any more.. earlier as soon after the first half my friends go out and smoke like they gonna die if they don smoke... like u'll get around 5 or 10 min break and even in that time they smoke and ill be standing along with them telling them not to smoke but they don care i know...but , fortunately this doesn't happen any more because it is banned now to smoke in public so they don get cigarette to smoke....
My, friends gonna kill if they read this..... any ways next!

3.this use to happen when i had my girl friend.. when ever we plan for a movie.. like she never ever comes earlier than even if i come on time she will be late atleast by a min or so .... i use to always wait for my girl friend...but not anymore because am single now.....
its pretty strange that a boy waiting for his girlfriend.. generally it is other way around...

4. this is a boy thing like when ever i go for a movie i look around and check for beautiful girls.. and if i find any i think this is it she is my Ms Right... and forget about it even before i enter the hall.. and till now i have found thousands of Ms right's....

5.generally, i have a habit of going to second shows.. and after the show we have our dinner at 1 or 2 o clock in the night at some (road side) noodle shop and then go to friends room and talk till 5 or 6 O clock with each other and then sleep till 12 o clock in the afternoon. it is real fun to have ur dinner in the night without any pollution or noise or people around you. try once u'll enjoy it..

wanted to write a lot of things but my blog is read by many of my cousins and by my parents so u see i cannot write every thing... i guess u'll understand... and yeah do comment.... and don mind if u find it foolish.....

i want to tag this to rahul but am not sure whether his laziness will allow him to a write a post but still i take courage to tag this to

rahul ,
nidhi from pune ( am expecting another long post from you), and
nidhi again! from nepal just to avoid the confusion......
if we could tag back to the one who tagged us it would have been nice i would def'ly tagged thoorika again...

P.S : nidhi... if u think u heard the title don worry... its urs.. i jus copied. it.... hope u don mind....


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy times...

i thought of posting these pictures long back... but after the mumbai attacks.. i thought it was not right to post.. i think its not right even now.. but i dunno why am i posting this.... looks strange rather weird for me too.....

the above one was at delhi. exactly at birla mandir... my friend was suppose take a picture of some one else i jumped in the middle... :-D

it is not ma tour pic but i guess i look that why i put it..

hmm i was holdin this python.. we get to hold it for 10 bucks..... and the expressions was because of curiousness but not beacuse of fear..

rummy is the best game u could play with playing cards in the train.. or in any journey..

ths is naveen... holding the same python and this wat u call fear...

this was at agra fort.... all of us....

this image with all the courage was took by myself at some temple in manali....

this was also taken by me...on request. the people in the picture are teja and rahul... manoj kumar style.... they both are SRK fans....

this was at qutubminar...i think u can get it from the picture itself...
from left... arvin,ragava(down),kiran(top),and raul...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

am back

Am back after a long 10- day tour.....and it feels so good to be in hyderabad again after a long time. Tour was rocking... and best part was manali and shimla..... its my laziness which is stopping me from writing a long post about the tour perhaps i would some day.

it was bad day to start for the tour as were about to start we heard the news of the terrorist attack in mumbai....i was really shocked as any one when i heard the news and was waiting to reach delhi to get more information.....may all the souls who lost their lives rest in peace.....not the 9 bastards.... and if u ask me they should kill the 10th one too.... cheers to all the commandos...and cops ... who came into the rescue......

P.S: thoorika and deepthi thanks for the wishes....


Friday, November 21, 2008

Slammy !!!

Its always curious to know what the other person is thinking of you and i had this feeling several times.. Finally, my fellow bloggers made it easy for me.....i dunno who started it but i appreciate this guy/girl who ever started it .

i guess tagging is the "in-thing" these days and every blog has one and hence this post.... this not the typical tag...u see in other blogs... this is something different... perhaps i may call it a slam book kind.. or slammy instead u see new name!!!( creativity isn't it???)

This is new "slammy" i saw it in many other blogs.....and i thought of even putting in my blog too

below are a series of queries... and u need to answer all of them

comments will be appreciated....and are needed too !

1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. Something I have and YOU want?

4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?

5. Describe me in one word.

6. What was your first impression of me?

7. Do you still think that way about me now?

8. What reminds you of me?

9. If you could give me anything what would it be?

10. How well do you know me?

11. How do you see me in the future?

12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?


Monday, November 17, 2008

exam blues!!!!

Today we had software project management..... exam.

I messed it up completely. I was sitting in the exam room trying not to forgot anythin i read..... as the paper was given to me which was already 20 min late.... i saw the question paper.... and was like... shit!!! from where did these questions come from????? later, i looked at rahul....( my class mate who is also a blogger )
we both get the same set.... like in our room i rahul uday and pranita will get the same set...rahul and pranita sit diagnally to me on either side... and me in the middle row and uday also sits in the same row ...

hmm yeah, i saw rahul and he was like do u know any question???? and then i turned up to pranita who also told me that even she is confused.... hmmm i thought...that am gonna flunk for sure.. the only confidence i had was that being in final year they don really fail anyone unless and untill u write terribly bad...later, as i read the question paper.... for more than half an hour.. i thought i could answer the first question but forgot the sub titles....i asked raul he knew few and i knew the rest .yay!!! first answer was written sucessfully in 1 and half hour and i have the same time for remaining 4 answers..... and as i started and completed the second answer..i was left with only half an hour more.......then i wrote the answers really fast usually am not a calligraphic and on that i was writing really fast.... hmmm i pity the examiner who corrects my paper...

i don know in which way will he understand my paper..... and i was still a half answer due... but the time was up so i had to give the paper.... each and every time when i complete a exam i would alwys want 5 more min i dunno... why?? perhaps i should manage my time better....


Sunday, November 16, 2008

atlast i told my dad!!!

hmmm yesterday night after making myself brave and got ready to tell my dad.... at around 11 0 clock in the night after my dad had dinner.....

here is the scene...

my was was about to sleep and just lied down on the bed... i went near him and said...

me: i got my toefl result dad!
dad: how much did u get?

me:hmmm i.....
dad: how much ( with a louder tone)

me: i.... uh .... got 77
dad: 77 ....

me: yeah...
Dad : hmm that too less.... wat was the cut off... mark...

me: hmm 80....
dad: hmmm ... ok u can write again... don worry....

Dad: don be so depressed its ok.... it happens... even if u study hard it happens... don worry.... u can write again.....

me: i think i should try out something gate or something...
Dad: may be will c first u study well for ur sem exams....

me: ok dad, and wat about toefl.... and i dunno wat to tell my brother about this!!
Dad: hmm u first study well for your exams.... then write ur toefl.....again..... and i'll tell ur brother about this don worry....

me: ok good night!!!!
dad: good night!!

i never thought that my dad will behave in such a way... i thought he would kill me
after i tell him the score... but he never reacted.....
perhaps....he was expecting this!
perhaps ... he was treating me as an adult....



Saturday, November 15, 2008

sulking badly indeed.!!!

today is 15th of november..... and its been almost three days since i got my result...
till now i did not tell my dad..... because we had cermony kindaa thing in my house... and all my relatives are in my house as in the whole "vemuri" family was in my house.........

my mom and dad are really happy that all of them came to my house.... it was indeed a great get-together.... ..

i am feeling really bad that i did not tell my dad about....this every time i talked to my dad these three days ... i was( am still) feeling guilty that am hidding some thing before my dad...... am feeling really bad and low... today... and i think i should tell my dad about this today.... .. i think i can..... and i think i can't also...

i am totally confused,frustated and fucked up. sometimes i even feel that am cheeting my dad...i never got this feeling all my life of 20 years......

harshita's post had inspired me a lot i think i should get away with this and look for the future.... yeah i shall from now on..... as of now many things are going on in mind........ i guess i could solve all of them in the near future......

P.S: am writing this post only out of frustation ...... so that i can get away with it. Hopefully,tell my dad today.......

Thursday, November 13, 2008

pretty much fucked up!!!

just got my toefl result....scored 77 which is devastatingly

bad.....and all my plans for going to a consultancy and applying for

a universty totally screwed...up!!!

yesterday morning i got up at 7 o clock after sleeping till 4 o

clock studying for my external exam and as i got up i got a call

from one of my firends(kiran who got more thn me!! :-( ) that

scores of toefl are out and he was like how much did u get???

then lazily i went up to the computer started it and my bloody

computer took almost 15 min to start and get connected to the

net... and then as i saw the scores and i got totally disappointed

the immediate feeling was like "FUCK" i screwed it up again....

later, i went to college for the exam and i pretended that am not

disappointed... but actually i was sulking... which also made me

screw my ecternal exam( embedded system ) too....and moreover

when i went to the college i heard that one of my class mates who

also wrote toefl on the same day got 94 !!!(wow) but i was really

swearing at my self for not getting good marks and some times

even her for getting better marks....

all my plans got fucked up

i. i was thinking of going to a tour with my friends in december

after my externals ... which of course got fucked up!!!

ii. my brother who lives in us who had many expectations on me

and i fucked up all those expectations this hurts me more thn


iii. i did not tell the scores to my dad and as of now i don have

guts to face him perhaps i will tell him tomorrow or perhaps


iv. i wasn't able to live my fellow class mates expectations who

thought i would score better or may be they din have any


v. am totally fucked up and fucked up and fucked up!!!

i dunnoo wat's the i really studied and

practiced hard and i mean real hard for almost more than 6

weeks. even after writing the exam i thought i wrote pretty well

and by going according to my score my writing ability is pretty

bad , am i bad in writing??? guys please tell me.,.????

its like sometimes i think am a big loser and am just not able to

do any damn thing in this big world... may be am not so capable of

doing something perhaps anything.... may be am not good enough

as maheswari( remember who got 94 ) or kiran ( who got 92) or

chetan( who got 114)....or perhaps am not at all good .... shit life

why am i not good am i gonna tell dad and mom about this...

they'll kill me if they hear my score...... am like feeling really

bad... it never happened like this..... last time when i felt this bad

was when i broke -up with my grl frnd.....

Fuck fuck fuck fuck....... and fuck!!!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bloody hell....Exams are here....

hmmm exams time.....(shit...)

my sem exams start from Monday and i din even start studying a
single unit till now in any subject... ( hats off to my guts....and

yesterday,I bought the "all in one--spectrum series" fellow
Hyderabad engineering students should be familiar with this book
.... for others... all in one is a guide kinda thing where will be
having all the previous questions papers. of all subjects.....with
solutions(Wow!!! dats why i like it) and most of the questions
come from those questions( tried and tested !!). for majority of the Eng
students in Hyd this is sort of 'GOD' before the day of exam
today i went up to my friends place to learn a unit from him....
but,i ended up explaining a unit to him..( intelligence u SEE!!!) i
learned that unit long bac... after explaining to him i thought....i
Had pretty good memory... and later he also made me learn a
unit..... so i completed 2 units as of now.... i need to study 3 more
units..... u see we have choice we need to write 5 Q out of 8 Q
and hence we learn only 5 units out of 8. i have only 24 hours
more for preparations

but still, i had the time to write a blog post...( cheers!! to me)and
yeah, am thinking of sleeping right now and i (guess) will study

the remaining 3 units...tomorrow....... I guess.....

P.S :yeah, the picture to the right... is my new bike.... Kinetic Nova...135cc... and the one below it is picture where i was about to address the guest of honour during my fest....!!!

opinions are appreciated !!!!


Monday, November 03, 2008


this is one of the funiest pranks i have ever seen

Monday, October 27, 2008


On the eve of Diwali

First of all i would like to wish all my fellow bloggers of

bloggerville " HAPPY DIWALI "

on this note i would like to reminiscence the recent achievements

by/for Indian/India

these are the 5 recent achievement by India... which i


1. the recent domination in commonwealth youth games in India
where India has won 76 medals in total beating Australia.. the

picture below gives u a better idea...

below are some indians who won gold... in relay women and men and gold in swimming

2. sachin's 12000 and India's win against Australians since it

was the biggest win by India ever in terms of runs...

3.viswanathan anand..... on the verge of a victory and successfully

retaining his title and i believe he is still the king of 64 squares...

4. India's recent chandrayaan-1 launch... which was successfull.. it
was a 100 cr. project and in 6 years they are planning a manned mission to moon...Cheers......yay.... hope we don have any

conspiracy theory .......... can we forget him the only gold medalist for India.. in

Olympics..... Abhinav bhindra... the coolest of the lot...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

exams preparation ! ! !

it wass a Monday morning (although am posting this on Friday)... i hate these Mondays i guess every one does.... got ready for the college went to college by 10 o clock am late by half an hour already...and as i entered one of my geek friends asks me how many units did u study??? am like for wat?? for the internals today.. holy shit i din knew it till now.... and am like what ?? today?? which exam?? and he is like E.S( embedded systems) and i was like thinking of going back home.. then he told me that don worry its at 2 o clock u can study.... am like sounds good...

AT 12 o clock ,i was sitting in the class checking out the syllabus... i cant even understand a single unit..... but then the likely happened sumanth entered the room... sumanth is the topper of our class like a lecturer for all of us he is never unprepared he came and told me the 3 answers like we need to write three answers out of 5 .. and by 1:30 i was done with my preparation (all thanks to sumanth....) but some of my class mates were short of preparation so this is how they prepared for the last few minutes....

Am proud of my friends...

preparing the bench before the internal.... he is ragava

he is Uday strongly preparing his hand..

Uday again cheking out his micro sized chit

Naveen who already lost hope on the exam...


P.S: This post has been inspired by thoorika she also wrote a post on the same lines....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

500 Visitors and stil counting

Hi.. blog-0-sphere...

500 visitors visited my life my way..... with-in three months. i started blogging in august and today 15th of october 500 people visited my blog... its kindaa "Mission accomplished " thing....

I saw this in another blogs.... i request my fellow bloggers to be a guest blogger on my blog write a post for my blog as a guest blogger.... you can write anything i mean on any damn topic u want... i shall post it immediately... and it will be appreciated!!!!

mail your post to my mail id.... i shall post it on my blog...


P.S 1: expecting a mail from u guys......

Saturday, October 11, 2008


it has been almost a week i wrote a post like i was really involved in reading others blogs.u see reading blogs takes away a lot of time.. believe me. try it out once....
am not going to use "shit or fuck" word in this post since i have promised Krishna that I'll not.

yesterday i was at my cousins engagement and yeah i was just sitting beside the bridegroom talking to him and as i was talking to him i saw two girls entering in to the house when i looked up to see them

i was like is she her??? is she h??? perhaps not??? perhaps yeas?? yes it is !! it is her.. and yeah she looked at me as if she was seeing me for the first time in her life.. so wat am i gonna do?? i also looked at her like some **(forget it ! am not gonna swear at any one remember Krishna???) later i got to know that she was bride's school friend and when the engagement started i mean i was standing behind the bride groom and had no choice to see her( the girl i was mentioning before)
as she was behind the was really embarrassing in between all this my mother who asks me to touch the feet of my grand parents listen i don have any problem in touching their feet but like she says that in front of every one..
and am like "amma mellaga andharu chusthunaru"(slowly,all are watching us).

i wanted to avoid her( the same GIRL) so was sitting outside for some peace checking out some messages..(forwards of course no gf.. mind u!!!)to my right side
a group of people started discussing about all the issues in this peice of earth....from chiranjeevi to big bang theory to stock market.... and giving away their own opinion.and i was like where the hell did i come. i saw her again when i was having my lunch again it was really embarrassing.and like when i was eating my aunt would come to me say "inkoncham vesuko raja(my knik nme) avakai..lekapothe kura " ( have a little more of this or that)and am like "thanks but no thanks" and she is like parledhu amma inka vesuko inka nuvu chinapiladivi.."( its ok you can have more you are still a kid) am i Kid??? am for god sak 20 yrs old and 6 feet in which part of this world am i called a kid...and she goes on insists me to eat more . and am like watthe heck?? am not a kid i know wat to eat and wat not..( in my mind though!!)i dunno whether its true affection or she just fakes it! i guess it
must be true...

Finally , she( the girl and my aunt) left and i was like THANK GOD' and the girl i was talking was "harshita"( name changed) my college mate she was the first
person whom i ever proposed( excuse me, first time in my eng college not in my life) yeah i really proposed her.. but she needed time.. but i was in a hurry... never mind... this was the reason i got embarrassed..what if she said it to the bride that i proposed her... like " Mera ijath ka kya hoga...???" generally i maintain like am a good innocent boy kinda image (which i am :-P)before my relatives..

i wish she did not tell her..... i wish would come true..........


P.S: krishna... it wasn't easy to write a post without using a shit or fuck word..but it was neither difficult.."

Sunday, October 05, 2008

where is my post office ???

With the improvement in technology every day,many of us have forgot (which includes me !) the importance of "post box" . This was the only
way of communication till 1980's where the tele communication took the lead and now the Internet, day by day and year by year we are trying to forget
the importance of a post box .I thought with the proliferation of technology one day the post box would die of crises but ironically i was proved wrong.

fee months ago , my frnd was suppose to post his cat application.
as he was already late we needed a speed post thing which is
provided by the post office.From my child memory I knew that
we have a post office near our area and it would be a easy task
to find it and post it over there but when we went there that
particular post office did not have a speed post facility( shit man !) and we
had to find another post office which has a speed post facility
we spent almost 2 hours finding the post office under the hot sun
from around 12:30 pm to around 2:30 pm which was really
frustrating : i cursed myself for being so foolish some times
scolding my friend for involving me in this crap eventually
i got to the post office and waited in the queue for at least
10 min with all sweat and just observing how is he working and i was shocked
he was typing like a lay person who is for the first typing by searching
for every single letter and then typing it and i was really shocked by seeing
that . i may be rude but a person on that post should know how to type at least he should have learnt how to do it. finally i got the post done.

yes, post-office still has its own importance in its own way


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

after the break....

hmmmm,Finally i got some time to write a post...i did not get time

to even reply to the comments for my previous post.i was really

busy like i didn't even come home for some days and was in my

college for the whole day . Am really sorry guys ans thanks to all

those who have commented .

Our fest was really sucessfull and every one had a great time

from the participants to the organizers and we the final years

are really happy that we made it and every one of us will be

remembering it all our life like something big and sucessfull and

the management of our college was also happy with result.

I want to thank Resonator... its so nice of her to pass me the "

honest blogger" award i know she was too kind on me like i know

many other blogger who write better then me inspite of all she

wanted to pass me i was really shocked.. and suprised. i was not

ecpecting this not atleast so early like i have justed started

blogging and this award will encourage me to write regularly from

now on....Thanks a lot resonator i wish i would live up to ur

words... I wanted to write this long back but i was really busy

couldnt get time to write....

she writes really well and the difficult part is that

she maintaines more than one blog and also updates it regularly...
"Do visit her blog i bet u wont be disappointed "

Last but not the least thanks to all the people who commented in

my "confused???" post thank u for your suggestions it really

helped and am much more sure about my future. i really mean

what ever i said.....

Cheers bloggers!!

Fest atlast Happened and was succesfull

These are some of the pictures i liked to share

novelisim over there!!!

dances are on!!!

Above is a post fest gathering....

do comment.....


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

totally restless and Fucked up!!!!!

yesterday and today(as in Tuesday) were really tiresome for me like yesterday i have been roaming all the day. it started 6:30 in the morining (it is really early for me)my friend woke me up ( Fuck!! i should keep my fone off from now on ) and said me to bring some shit papers to him for the paper work of our i went there to give. So missed my college ( am already short of attendance fucked up again)then i went to my friends house and from there was roaming all Hyderabad for the fest work though it was in a car but was really tiresome.I completed the fest work and went back to our "Adda"(near our house we call it GE coz it is beside that company).met my friends and when i reached my home it was around 10 o clock thought of studying for TOEFL but had no Patience to sit 'n' study just slept as i was tired..

Today, i went to college as i was the in charge of SFM(Short film making) event had to make the plans of arranging it and had to search the room which was allotted by our college and take permission from the principal to make the room dark and then think of the prizes, wat sort of prizes should be given to the meritorious participants .Finally a Big SIGHHH!!!! of relief one of my friends was the co-ordinator for LAN-GAMING and we happily played till the day ended (CS of course) .

it was really a restless start for the week and i guess i would be restless for the rest of the week too.....

i may not be updating the blog till 27Th since we have our fest.....

for more details for our fest
(publicity!!!!!! :-D )

Friday, September 19, 2008



i dont know why am i writing this post ,i kinda moody today .I met one of my school friends and we were talking about our other friends and every have their future plans ready but i dont have one. Every body is getting settled in some way or the other.Am in my 4th year sem 1 and i donno wat to do after my graduation .i donno wat should i do,which path suits for me and which does'nt. my parents tell me to go us and do ms but i pissed off my GRE and am about to write my toefl and i don even have confidence that i'll crack really confused .

I don't know what to do Damn it . Life is lookin like hell these days.I don't even have a goal like. if i have a goal i can work for that and acheive it.i discussed my problem with some of my friends but every one had their own view of their life and every one suggested me different things for me and then it was even more difficult for me to decide wat to do next???.I think am on a junction donno wat to do next and its really crazy, this confusion thing really fucks me inside out.

I sometimes think its a typical engineering syndrome which happens to every one and every one goes through this,But there must be a sollution for all the quetions i have.I guess i get some valid suggestion from my friends of bloggerville so that i can solve... looking for suggestions !!!!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life after my Break-up

Ya, life has changed a lot after my break -up . Its been around a year or so since my brk-up .Its was really tough for me after she left,i was literally sulking every single day trying to figure out what went wrong ,wat was my mistake?? and many more such questions but the funny side was i had no answers for any of those questions..( i still don't !).My friends say that it was my fault and i treated her very badly and she was always Fair but i never thought so ! Ultimately , I had to convince myself that they were correct and i was wrong and it was my mistake( atleast for my friends) which was eventually the consensus among my friends.Ya, we had some fights between us but who doesn't fight in a relationship, every one does . but it was only me who was wrong and she was always right .to add to all this was her sister who manoeuvered her to end our relationship(I Think her sister is a " BIG SHIT ", i cant think any other word right now!!! ) .

This sulking thing went on for many months , sometimes my friends tried to change my attitude ,i tried to patch up with her again which ofcourse went in vain . I cried,cried and cried . tried to overcome this by talking to other girls which was also aint any help . Finally,after few months got habituated of being single but was still missing all the night talks with her,the days when i went to movies with her and thinking of all good things happened between us but after few months i was really happy that am single again and about the fact that it already happened coz, i had no one to give explanations,no one to fight with , no one to talk with .....!!!!

Ya, i learnt a lot from that relationship, i learned not to scold any one or get angry on any one for any Damn reason. i try not to get angry on any one and i guess i was sucessfull till today and hope to continue it all my life. I learnt not to completly beleive girls and espcially their sister (:-( ).

Finally am single and ready to mingle(jus kidding!!!) and ya life changed a Lot !!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Browser War !!

Google has also entered the browser arena ,few weeks ago

Google has introduced its new browser called

"GOOGLE-CHROME".Google doesn't want to leave away Microsoft

without any competition in this arena ,as Microsoft's Internet

explorer is the leading browser in the world with more than 70%

of the market.Google chrome is quite good ,Actually it has few

dominant features,some of them are featured below..

number one : it is very sleek comes in a size of 7 MB, and the

opening page is also so simple. it does not contain any default

extras as in any other browser.

number two :The pages are more quickly downloaded,here for the

faster view of the pages Google has not its own web kit in fact it

took the web kit from Apple's Safari browser.

number three : happy news for the developers, its an open source

browser, where a developer can include his own applications into


number four :its integrates the navigation (address bar) and the

search bar.

number five :although, it uses the apple's web kit it does not work

in mac systems .

number six : "incognito" this new feature helps the user to surf

the net without any history stored.

Finally, i personally feel number four and six are the best

features of Google chrome. i guess, it will attract average



Co-Incidently, microsoft has also released its internet explorer

8 beta2 with the"In privacy" in the same week.

Microsoft has also released their new update of ie(internet

explorer).This new ie-8 beta 2 includes more privacy and

security.It contains the new "in privacy"feature.

"In Privacy": this new feature is similar to that of incognito but

it has better features to provide."In Privacy" gives the user to

delete his history and cookie files and keep the user in

knowledge with those functions. The user browsing through

some site might have downloaded some cookies and after closing

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Confession : i found a poet in me

CAUTION: i take no blame if any one is hurt,this is not at all intentional

its was the first week of august,one of ma frnds threw a party(as it was her b'day) and it was at ohri's Banjara( buffet), i was in no mood of eating the food i dunno why??

i was jus siiting,staring at my friends,watching them eating,suddenly this ohri's person comes up asks me for a review about the ambience and the food over there,after filling the form,the poet in me was born

I took the tissue paper jus in front of me and started with this foolish poem...






Thursday, September 04, 2008

death struck!!!

Its a lazy afternoon,i was really getting bored and did not find anything to watch except news channels on my tv but i guess it changed ma preceptiion a lot.

it was a show on the recent floods at bihar,this guy (anchor) i dunno his name but he was mentioning about this natural calamity. seriously,when i saw this news on paper the previous day did not take much care about it as i thought i was not much deavastating but i was proved wrong.

He was mentioning about a young mother carrying her 3 day old baby in her hands and walking to find a dry place or place where she and her baby can hide.. sometimes running after the aeroplane to find the food packets thrown from the the sky by the military,she was so desperate to live and she lost all her family,perhaps died perhaps lost somewhere hopefully alive and all she had was her bay child.
this was just only the first instance.

the second one, few persons counting their drensed rupee notes(8 of 10rs and one of 100 rs)which are all they are left with for their future and they are planning in how to spend those last few pennies for their whole life and they were many more such stories who lost family,home,money and still they are desporate to live.

In between all this
"amitabh bachan"
says in his blog
""Let somebody take charge, take decision, draw a plan, whatever; of collecting funds or material for existence. I shall contribute. But how and where? Somebody tell me. I will do it"

i really feel disgusting sitting in ma home helplessly cursing myself for not able to do anything,sometimes swearing at the government for not able to do anything for all those innocent poeple who are affected in bihar,and sometimes even the god for killing all those innocent people and i guess they dont deserve this..

HERE U SEE A MAN WALKING for a dry peice of land......


Photo Courtesy:BBC NEWS

no cheers!! this time..

let peace prevail and hope they get quickly rescued!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

its elysium-2008 hence Fest maina...for me

we have a fest in our college and its called elysium-08
am one of the organizer of "short film making" which happens to be one of the event in the fest.
i feel exited with this event like for the first time in my life am doing something i like and usefull (i really wanna be a director one day LOL!!!!).

We have sorted out the rules and regulations for this event.We would be having this event last for 2 days and at the end of it we would be giving out the prizes in the following catogories
1. best film and runners up
2. best director
3. best screenplay
4. best editor
5. best script
as in any other film competition.
We wanted to put the participation for free but if it was fir free no one would have the seriousness,so we had to put a fee of 60 rs
you might think why 60 only?? and why not 50 or 30 0r 10.
Actually no particular reason my friend liked the number 60 and hence 60

for more information



Friday, August 29, 2008

MERC MAGIC !!!!!!!!

one of my frnd's dad bought a merc..and for the first time i really sat in a merc perhaps "not a BIG DEAL as u guys say it" but it was "big deal "for me atleast !
The merc was really cool,did'nt get a chance to drive it though,its a c 220 automation,diesel and its dark grey in color.

So,he gave us a party today (his name is pratik) we all started at one o clock went to cafelatte at jubilee hills,its a hooka point in hyd(quite famous) had 2 hooka's,one being a apple flavour and other one was a sliver fox,spent around 2-3 hours over there and then we headed on to a restaurant at secunderabad called "nanking" had lunch although it was almost 5 pm i like to call it lunch after lunch we headed back home.
The best part was the merc benz c 220 ceriously i liked the car short and sweet and the ride was also really pleasant although its a diesel car it didnt have any weird sound like the other diesel cars..

i don promise u the pics as am already due but ill try my heart out to get the pictures as soon as possible


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why only "U.S of A"

As i said my bro was leaving to america..
my in- law was telling to his grand children that they will be also leavin to america in few years !!!
i was thinking about it yesterday,why do people maintain such a stereotype attitude towards america. i personally have no problem in people leaving to america coz its their live and they have every right to do anything they want but why parents go on vehemently telling students or children to go to "U.S of A", WHY??
i can understand if people say to a graduate student but why do they start influencing children . why do they encourage them to leave from their own country
these dayz every one is going to U.S of A but Y?? i asked my mother the same question she says its the matter of the " vitamin M(money)and every one needs it.
I really dont understand these parents attitude ?? and the whole "U.S of A" formula ,if u do please don forget to comment your view...

jai hind,

Monday, August 18, 2008

is Hyderabad International Airport tidy????

Hi, am really sorry i cud'nt get those pictures on time.. in the mean while take a look at this picture.. (by the way i was at the airport yesterday)

is Hyderabad International Airport tidy????

hi, am really sorry i cud'nt get those pictures on time.. in the mean while take a look at this picture.. (by the way i was at the airport yesterday)

this was taken at "INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ,HYD"

This particular pot was beside the one of the entrance of international departures and as i was jus watching a group of people came and spit'ed' at the pot inspite of the spittoon jus beside it .
and went over...
the security personnel over was in no mood of stopping them infact he was passively staring at them.

i guess we cant change the people
i wish we could atleast change the pot!

Friday, August 15, 2008

tryin to get pictures

am tryin to get pics from one of ma cousin ..

Vedic university

ya and atlast...the vedi univ....
ya we started at around 3 o cloclk after my lunch in a rented jeep
we were suddenly taken to a ghat kinda.. road.. as weather was pleasant and cloudy it was really perfect drive...
the road was covered by trees on both sides and u will find all types of plants.. and i was sitting at the back side of the jeep
the cool breeze comin into and going out of the jeep it was really wonderful

and in the mid-way we found a pandit.. who asked us lift to the university and he inturn was the one who made us to enter the university, generally outsiders were not allowed in the unversity..
as we were bhramins so as him.. he felt much comfortable to talk to us..
he then introdueced us to one of his students to us and he took us all around the university...
the university was awesome.... it was sort of a iit for those people over there.... and the university was totally clean and it was a resdential and thn to other two places which not much intresting but.. the vedic university was awesome...

Friday, August 08, 2008

my adventuous trip to tirupathi....

After my disappointing show in my GRE.. i was very reluctant to go to tirupati with my brother and his family(who jus came from U.S)but i had to go because of my vehement DAD ...

but i wud have regreted it if i had missed it...

our trip started on friday evenin...and i was very much bored since i had no intrest to go.
i reached tirupathi on sat morining and i went to tirumala by walk ( i mean by stairs) i reached there at after noon.. went to ma cottage immediately and i was about to take bath but my bro reminded me that i had to donate ma hair.. as any other fellow pilgrim does,so i had no choice and after my bath i had the darshan or wat ever u say , thn we came back home had dinner and slept since we had a early morining darshan at 4 o clock beleive it was really impossible for me atleast because i had never got up at 4 even for ma GRE... but it eventually was possible i was ready by 4:30 Am had the darshan.. came bac by 7 am.. had break fast and came back to ma cottage. till now the trip was quite borin... nothin adventuous...but in the after noon we plaanned to go some where around tirumala this where all was hapening.... we went to
VEDIC UNIVERSITY(veda patashala )
shila TORANAM(rock garden)

this will be continued in the next post....