Friday, August 29, 2008

MERC MAGIC !!!!!!!!

one of my frnd's dad bought a merc..and for the first time i really sat in a merc perhaps "not a BIG DEAL as u guys say it" but it was "big deal "for me atleast !
The merc was really cool,did'nt get a chance to drive it though,its a c 220 automation,diesel and its dark grey in color.

So,he gave us a party today (his name is pratik) we all started at one o clock went to cafelatte at jubilee hills,its a hooka point in hyd(quite famous) had 2 hooka's,one being a apple flavour and other one was a sliver fox,spent around 2-3 hours over there and then we headed on to a restaurant at secunderabad called "nanking" had lunch although it was almost 5 pm i like to call it lunch after lunch we headed back home.
The best part was the merc benz c 220 ceriously i liked the car short and sweet and the ride was also really pleasant although its a diesel car it didnt have any weird sound like the other diesel cars..

i don promise u the pics as am already due but ill try my heart out to get the pictures as soon as possible


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why only "U.S of A"

As i said my bro was leaving to america..
my in- law was telling to his grand children that they will be also leavin to america in few years !!!
i was thinking about it yesterday,why do people maintain such a stereotype attitude towards america. i personally have no problem in people leaving to america coz its their live and they have every right to do anything they want but why parents go on vehemently telling students or children to go to "U.S of A", WHY??
i can understand if people say to a graduate student but why do they start influencing children . why do they encourage them to leave from their own country
these dayz every one is going to U.S of A but Y?? i asked my mother the same question she says its the matter of the " vitamin M(money)and every one needs it.
I really dont understand these parents attitude ?? and the whole "U.S of A" formula ,if u do please don forget to comment your view...

jai hind,

Monday, August 18, 2008

is Hyderabad International Airport tidy????

Hi, am really sorry i cud'nt get those pictures on time.. in the mean while take a look at this picture.. (by the way i was at the airport yesterday)

is Hyderabad International Airport tidy????

hi, am really sorry i cud'nt get those pictures on time.. in the mean while take a look at this picture.. (by the way i was at the airport yesterday)

this was taken at "INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ,HYD"

This particular pot was beside the one of the entrance of international departures and as i was jus watching a group of people came and spit'ed' at the pot inspite of the spittoon jus beside it .
and went over...
the security personnel over was in no mood of stopping them infact he was passively staring at them.

i guess we cant change the people
i wish we could atleast change the pot!

Friday, August 15, 2008

tryin to get pictures

am tryin to get pics from one of ma cousin ..

Vedic university

ya and atlast...the vedi univ....
ya we started at around 3 o cloclk after my lunch in a rented jeep
we were suddenly taken to a ghat kinda.. road.. as weather was pleasant and cloudy it was really perfect drive...
the road was covered by trees on both sides and u will find all types of plants.. and i was sitting at the back side of the jeep
the cool breeze comin into and going out of the jeep it was really wonderful

and in the mid-way we found a pandit.. who asked us lift to the university and he inturn was the one who made us to enter the university, generally outsiders were not allowed in the unversity..
as we were bhramins so as him.. he felt much comfortable to talk to us..
he then introdueced us to one of his students to us and he took us all around the university...
the university was awesome.... it was sort of a iit for those people over there.... and the university was totally clean and it was a resdential and thn to other two places which not much intresting but.. the vedic university was awesome...

Friday, August 08, 2008

my adventuous trip to tirupathi....

After my disappointing show in my GRE.. i was very reluctant to go to tirupati with my brother and his family(who jus came from U.S)but i had to go because of my vehement DAD ...

but i wud have regreted it if i had missed it...

our trip started on friday evenin...and i was very much bored since i had no intrest to go.
i reached tirupathi on sat morining and i went to tirumala by walk ( i mean by stairs) i reached there at after noon.. went to ma cottage immediately and i was about to take bath but my bro reminded me that i had to donate ma hair.. as any other fellow pilgrim does,so i had no choice and after my bath i had the darshan or wat ever u say , thn we came back home had dinner and slept since we had a early morining darshan at 4 o clock beleive it was really impossible for me atleast because i had never got up at 4 even for ma GRE... but it eventually was possible i was ready by 4:30 Am had the darshan.. came bac by 7 am.. had break fast and came back to ma cottage. till now the trip was quite borin... nothin adventuous...but in the after noon we plaanned to go some where around tirumala this where all was hapening.... we went to
VEDIC UNIVERSITY(veda patashala )
shila TORANAM(rock garden)

this will be continued in the next post....