Friday, August 29, 2008

MERC MAGIC !!!!!!!!

one of my frnd's dad bought a merc..and for the first time i really sat in a merc perhaps "not a BIG DEAL as u guys say it" but it was "big deal "for me atleast !
The merc was really cool,did'nt get a chance to drive it though,its a c 220 automation,diesel and its dark grey in color.

So,he gave us a party today (his name is pratik) we all started at one o clock went to cafelatte at jubilee hills,its a hooka point in hyd(quite famous) had 2 hooka's,one being a apple flavour and other one was a sliver fox,spent around 2-3 hours over there and then we headed on to a restaurant at secunderabad called "nanking" had lunch although it was almost 5 pm i like to call it lunch after lunch we headed back home.
The best part was the merc benz c 220 ceriously i liked the car short and sweet and the ride was also really pleasant although its a diesel car it didnt have any weird sound like the other diesel cars..

i don promise u the pics as am already due but ill try my heart out to get the pictures as soon as possible



Parv Kaushik said...

a merc is a merc is a merc! isnt it??

vemuri said...

yaa quite strange

deepti goud said...

i hav a similar experience i always wanted to sit in a bull a cart with sugarcane in it.....nd tat actualy happend very recently, i was also all excited then....but im sure ul kick me if i compare bull a cart wit merc :p

vemuri said...

ha ha,i guess not

infact the "bull a cart" thing is also good

i had bull a cart ride before but not with the sugar cane though!!!

anyways thnx for visiting ma blog..