Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why only "U.S of A"

As i said my bro was leaving to america..
my in- law was telling to his grand children that they will be also leavin to america in few years !!!
i was thinking about it yesterday,why do people maintain such a stereotype attitude towards america. i personally have no problem in people leaving to america coz its their live and they have every right to do anything they want but why parents go on vehemently telling students or children to go to "U.S of A", WHY??
i can understand if people say to a graduate student but why do they start influencing children . why do they encourage them to leave from their own country
these dayz every one is going to U.S of A but Y?? i asked my mother the same question she says its the matter of the " vitamin M(money)and every one needs it.
I really dont understand these parents attitude ?? and the whole "U.S of A" formula ,if u do please don forget to comment your view...

jai hind,


Vijay Ganesh said...

Dude... y're right abt all the "U.S of A" formula ..

I am Happy in INDIA .. i came to this opinion after experiencing these long yrs of life out side my home .. and now "I am against working abroad" ..

lets see how it turns up ...

Cheers !!

(Keep blogging :-) )

vemuri said...

yaa thnx dude....

keep blogging..