Tuesday, September 30, 2008

after the break....

hmmmm,Finally i got some time to write a post...i did not get time

to even reply to the comments for my previous post.i was really

busy like i didn't even come home for some days and was in my

college for the whole day . Am really sorry guys ans thanks to all

those who have commented .

Our fest was really sucessfull and every one had a great time

from the participants to the organizers and we the final years

are really happy that we made it and every one of us will be

remembering it all our life like something big and sucessfull and

the management of our college was also happy with result.

I want to thank Resonator... its so nice of her to pass me the "

honest blogger" award i know she was too kind on me like i know

many other blogger who write better then me inspite of all she

wanted to pass me i was really shocked.. and suprised. i was not

ecpecting this not atleast so early like i have justed started

blogging and this award will encourage me to write regularly from

now on....Thanks a lot resonator i wish i would live up to ur

words... I wanted to write this long back but i was really busy

couldnt get time to write....

she writes really well and the difficult part is that

she maintaines more than one blog and also updates it regularly...
"Do visit her blog i bet u wont be disappointed "

Last but not the least thanks to all the people who commented in

my "confused???" post thank u for your suggestions it really

helped and am much more sure about my future. i really mean

what ever i said.....

Cheers bloggers!!

Fest atlast Happened and was succesfull

These are some of the pictures i liked to share

novelisim over there!!!

dances are on!!!

Above is a post fest gathering....

do comment.....


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

totally restless and Fucked up!!!!!

yesterday and today(as in Tuesday) were really tiresome for me like yesterday i have been roaming all the day. it started 6:30 in the morining (it is really early for me)my friend woke me up ( Fuck!! i should keep my fone off from now on ) and said me to bring some shit papers to him for the paper work of our project.so i went there to give. So missed my college ( am already short of attendance fucked up again)then i went to my friends house and from there was roaming all Hyderabad for the fest work though it was in a car but was really tiresome.I completed the fest work and went back to our "Adda"(near our house we call it GE coz it is beside that company).met my friends and when i reached my home it was around 10 o clock thought of studying for TOEFL but had no Patience to sit 'n' study just slept as i was tired..

Today, i went to college as i was the in charge of SFM(Short film making) event had to make the plans of arranging it and had to search the room which was allotted by our college and take permission from the principal to make the room dark and then think of the prizes, wat sort of prizes should be given to the meritorious participants .Finally a Big SIGHHH!!!! of relief one of my friends was the co-ordinator for LAN-GAMING and we happily played till the day ended (CS of course) .

it was really a restless start for the week and i guess i would be restless for the rest of the week too.....

i may not be updating the blog till 27Th since we have our fest.....

for more details for our fest
(publicity!!!!!! :-D )

Friday, September 19, 2008



i dont know why am i writing this post ,i kinda moody today .I met one of my school friends and we were talking about our other friends and every have their future plans ready but i dont have one. Every body is getting settled in some way or the other.Am in my 4th year sem 1 and i donno wat to do after my graduation .i donno wat should i do,which path suits for me and which does'nt. my parents tell me to go us and do ms but i pissed off my GRE and am about to write my toefl and i don even have confidence that i'll crack it.am really confused .

I don't know what to do Damn it . Life is lookin like hell these days.I don't even have a goal like. if i have a goal i can work for that and acheive it.i discussed my problem with some of my friends but every one had their own view of their life and every one suggested me different things for me and then it was even more difficult for me to decide wat to do next???.I think am on a junction donno wat to do next and its really crazy, this confusion thing really fucks me inside out.

I sometimes think its a typical engineering syndrome which happens to every one and every one goes through this,But there must be a sollution for all the quetions i have.I guess i get some valid suggestion from my friends of bloggerville so that i can solve... looking for suggestions !!!!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life after my Break-up

Ya, life has changed a lot after my break -up . Its been around a year or so since my brk-up .Its was really tough for me after she left,i was literally sulking every single day trying to figure out what went wrong ,wat was my mistake?? and many more such questions but the funny side was i had no answers for any of those questions..( i still don't !).My friends say that it was my fault and i treated her very badly and she was always Fair but i never thought so ! Ultimately , I had to convince myself that they were correct and i was wrong and it was my mistake( atleast for my friends) which was eventually the consensus among my friends.Ya, we had some fights between us but who doesn't fight in a relationship, every one does . but it was only me who was wrong and she was always right .to add to all this was her sister who manoeuvered her to end our relationship(I Think her sister is a " BIG SHIT ", i cant think any other word right now!!! ) .

This sulking thing went on for many months , sometimes my friends tried to change my attitude ,i tried to patch up with her again which ofcourse went in vain . I cried,cried and cried . tried to overcome this by talking to other girls which was also aint any help . Finally,after few months got habituated of being single but was still missing all the night talks with her,the days when i went to movies with her and thinking of all good things happened between us but after few months i was really happy that am single again and about the fact that it already happened coz, i had no one to give explanations,no one to fight with , no one to talk with .....!!!!

Ya, i learnt a lot from that relationship, i learned not to scold any one or get angry on any one for any Damn reason. i try not to get angry on any one and i guess i was sucessfull till today and hope to continue it all my life. I learnt not to completly beleive girls and espcially their sister (:-( ).

Finally am single and ready to mingle(jus kidding!!!) and ya life changed a Lot !!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Browser War !!

Google has also entered the browser arena ,few weeks ago

Google has introduced its new browser called

"GOOGLE-CHROME".Google doesn't want to leave away Microsoft

without any competition in this arena ,as Microsoft's Internet

explorer is the leading browser in the world with more than 70%

of the market.Google chrome is quite good ,Actually it has few

dominant features,some of them are featured below..

number one : it is very sleek comes in a size of 7 MB, and the

opening page is also so simple. it does not contain any default

extras as in any other browser.

number two :The pages are more quickly downloaded,here for the

faster view of the pages Google has not its own web kit in fact it

took the web kit from Apple's Safari browser.

number three : happy news for the developers, its an open source

browser, where a developer can include his own applications into


number four :its integrates the navigation (address bar) and the

search bar.

number five :although, it uses the apple's web kit it does not work

in mac systems .

number six : "incognito" this new feature helps the user to surf

the net without any history stored.

Finally, i personally feel number four and six are the best

features of Google chrome. i guess, it will attract average



Co-Incidently, microsoft has also released its internet explorer

8 beta2 with the"In privacy" in the same week.

Microsoft has also released their new update of ie(internet

explorer).This new ie-8 beta 2 includes more privacy and

security.It contains the new "in privacy"feature.

"In Privacy": this new feature is similar to that of incognito but

it has better features to provide."In Privacy" gives the user to

delete his history and cookie files and keep the user in

knowledge with those functions. The user browsing through

some site might have downloaded some cookies and after closing

that particular site the file downloaded might be sneeking the

users computer, this can be avoided with this new browser and

also the browser will be updating the user if any one tries to

sneek .
This is too early to talk about this browser,as we

need to wait and watch how this new feature works...

Microsoft IE-8 Beta 2

Friday, September 05, 2008

Confession : i found a poet in me

CAUTION: i take no blame if any one is hurt,this is not at all intentional

its was the first week of august,one of ma frnds threw a party(as it was her b'day) and it was at ohri's Banjara( buffet), i was in no mood of eating the food i dunno why??

i was jus siiting,staring at my friends,watching them eating,suddenly this ohri's person comes up asks me for a review about the ambience and the food over there,after filling the form,the poet in me was born

I took the tissue paper jus in front of me and started with this foolish poem...






Thursday, September 04, 2008

death struck!!!

Its a lazy afternoon,i was really getting bored and did not find anything to watch except news channels on my tv but i guess it changed ma preceptiion a lot.

it was a show on the recent floods at bihar,this guy (anchor) i dunno his name but he was mentioning about this natural calamity. seriously,when i saw this news on paper the previous day did not take much care about it as i thought i was not much deavastating but i was proved wrong.

He was mentioning about a young mother carrying her 3 day old baby in her hands and walking to find a dry place or place where she and her baby can hide.. sometimes running after the aeroplane to find the food packets thrown from the the sky by the military,she was so desperate to live and she lost all her family,perhaps died perhaps lost somewhere hopefully alive and all she had was her bay child.
this was just only the first instance.

the second one, few persons counting their drensed rupee notes(8 of 10rs and one of 100 rs)which are all they are left with for their future and they are planning in how to spend those last few pennies for their whole life and they were many more such stories who lost family,home,money and still they are desporate to live.

In between all this
"amitabh bachan"
says in his blog
""Let somebody take charge, take decision, draw a plan, whatever; of collecting funds or material for existence. I shall contribute. But how and where? Somebody tell me. I will do it"

i really feel disgusting sitting in ma home helplessly cursing myself for not able to do anything,sometimes swearing at the government for not able to do anything for all those innocent poeple who are affected in bihar,and sometimes even the god for killing all those innocent people and i guess they dont deserve this..

HERE U SEE A MAN WALKING for a dry peice of land......


Photo Courtesy:BBC NEWS

no cheers!! this time..

let peace prevail and hope they get quickly rescued!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

its elysium-2008 hence Fest maina...for me

we have a fest in our college and its called elysium-08
am one of the organizer of "short film making" which happens to be one of the event in the fest.
i feel exited with this event like for the first time in my life am doing something i like and usefull (i really wanna be a director one day LOL!!!!).

We have sorted out the rules and regulations for this event.We would be having this event last for 2 days and at the end of it we would be giving out the prizes in the following catogories
1. best film and runners up
2. best director
3. best screenplay
4. best editor
5. best script
as in any other film competition.
We wanted to put the participation for free but if it was fir free no one would have the seriousness,so we had to put a fee of 60 rs
you might think why 60 only?? and why not 50 or 30 0r 10.
Actually no particular reason my friend liked the number 60 and hence 60

for more information