Tuesday, September 30, 2008

after the break....

hmmmm,Finally i got some time to write a post...i did not get time

to even reply to the comments for my previous post.i was really

busy like i didn't even come home for some days and was in my

college for the whole day . Am really sorry guys ans thanks to all

those who have commented .

Our fest was really sucessfull and every one had a great time

from the participants to the organizers and we the final years

are really happy that we made it and every one of us will be

remembering it all our life like something big and sucessfull and

the management of our college was also happy with result.

I want to thank Resonator... its so nice of her to pass me the "

honest blogger" award i know she was too kind on me like i know

many other blogger who write better then me inspite of all she

wanted to pass me i was really shocked.. and suprised. i was not

ecpecting this not atleast so early like i have justed started

blogging and this award will encourage me to write regularly from

now on....Thanks a lot resonator i wish i would live up to ur

words... I wanted to write this long back but i was really busy

couldnt get time to write....

she writes really well and the difficult part is that

she maintaines more than one blog and also updates it regularly...
"Do visit her blog i bet u wont be disappointed "

Last but not the least thanks to all the people who commented in

my "confused???" post thank u for your suggestions it really

helped and am much more sure about my future. i really mean

what ever i said.....

Cheers bloggers!!


Nidhi said...

hey thanks for passing comment on my blog.. and congates for the success of ur fest. i saw the pics. in the previous post. nice,
congo for the award too :)
welcome back to blogville ;)
p.s. please remove word verification. it makes it difficult to post comment..

vemuri said...

he he.. thnx thnx thnx a lot......

hm am trying to take the verification out...

Chriz said...

hi bro.. thanks for coming down to my page.. i am really glad to see your honest comments.. do come regularly to have a good laughing time there...

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Glad to know your fest went well. Congrats on your award :)