Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Browser War !!

Google has also entered the browser arena ,few weeks ago

Google has introduced its new browser called

"GOOGLE-CHROME".Google doesn't want to leave away Microsoft

without any competition in this arena ,as Microsoft's Internet

explorer is the leading browser in the world with more than 70%

of the market.Google chrome is quite good ,Actually it has few

dominant features,some of them are featured below..

number one : it is very sleek comes in a size of 7 MB, and the

opening page is also so simple. it does not contain any default

extras as in any other browser.

number two :The pages are more quickly downloaded,here for the

faster view of the pages Google has not its own web kit in fact it

took the web kit from Apple's Safari browser.

number three : happy news for the developers, its an open source

browser, where a developer can include his own applications into


number four :its integrates the navigation (address bar) and the

search bar.

number five :although, it uses the apple's web kit it does not work

in mac systems .

number six : "incognito" this new feature helps the user to surf

the net without any history stored.

Finally, i personally feel number four and six are the best

features of Google chrome. i guess, it will attract average



Co-Incidently, microsoft has also released its internet explorer

8 beta2 with the"In privacy" in the same week.

Microsoft has also released their new update of ie(internet

explorer).This new ie-8 beta 2 includes more privacy and

security.It contains the new "in privacy"feature.

"In Privacy": this new feature is similar to that of incognito but

it has better features to provide."In Privacy" gives the user to

delete his history and cookie files and keep the user in

knowledge with those functions. The user browsing through

some site might have downloaded some cookies and after closing

that particular site the file downloaded might be sneeking the

users computer, this can be avoided with this new browser and

also the browser will be updating the user if any one tries to

sneek .
This is too early to talk about this browser,as we

need to wait and watch how this new feature works...

Microsoft IE-8 Beta 2


Parv Kaushik said...

hey ya.. m using google chrome nw nd to tell you m loving it... its very easy to use and simple interface really works... i guess microsoft is in serious trouble nw!!

vemuri said...

i guess not,it will take time for google to overcome microsoft...

but yes, google chrome is too cool...


deepti goud said...

informative blog!! :)

vemuri said...

yaa, I guess so