Thursday, September 04, 2008

death struck!!!

Its a lazy afternoon,i was really getting bored and did not find anything to watch except news channels on my tv but i guess it changed ma preceptiion a lot.

it was a show on the recent floods at bihar,this guy (anchor) i dunno his name but he was mentioning about this natural calamity. seriously,when i saw this news on paper the previous day did not take much care about it as i thought i was not much deavastating but i was proved wrong.

He was mentioning about a young mother carrying her 3 day old baby in her hands and walking to find a dry place or place where she and her baby can hide.. sometimes running after the aeroplane to find the food packets thrown from the the sky by the military,she was so desperate to live and she lost all her family,perhaps died perhaps lost somewhere hopefully alive and all she had was her bay child.
this was just only the first instance.

the second one, few persons counting their drensed rupee notes(8 of 10rs and one of 100 rs)which are all they are left with for their future and they are planning in how to spend those last few pennies for their whole life and they were many more such stories who lost family,home,money and still they are desporate to live.

In between all this
"amitabh bachan"
says in his blog
""Let somebody take charge, take decision, draw a plan, whatever; of collecting funds or material for existence. I shall contribute. But how and where? Somebody tell me. I will do it"

i really feel disgusting sitting in ma home helplessly cursing myself for not able to do anything,sometimes swearing at the government for not able to do anything for all those innocent poeple who are affected in bihar,and sometimes even the god for killing all those innocent people and i guess they dont deserve this..

HERE U SEE A MAN WALKING for a dry peice of land......


Photo Courtesy:BBC NEWS

no cheers!! this time..

let peace prevail and hope they get quickly rescued!!!


Parv Kaushik said...

i liked the wat you have felt so deeply for the flood victims...

you knw its so difficult to find people who can feel the suffering of people on some other side of the globe...

Resonator said...

hey are a nice human being dude..could see how much you feel for the victims..

vemuri said...


i wish such people increase..

thnx for da the comment!!


vemuri said...


thnx, frankly i dunno hw react for such a comment...

anyways felt happy..