Tuesday, September 02, 2008

its elysium-2008 hence Fest maina...for me

we have a fest in our college and its called elysium-08
am one of the organizer of "short film making" which happens to be one of the event in the fest.
i feel exited with this event like for the first time in my life am doing something i like and usefull (i really wanna be a director one day LOL!!!!).

We have sorted out the rules and regulations for this event.We would be having this event last for 2 days and at the end of it we would be giving out the prizes in the following catogories
1. best film and runners up
2. best director
3. best screenplay
4. best editor
5. best script
as in any other film competition.
We wanted to put the participation for free but if it was fir free no one would have the seriousness,so we had to put a fee of 60 rs
you might think why 60 only?? and why not 50 or 30 0r 10.
Actually no particular reason my friend liked the number 60 and hence 60

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Parv Kaushik said...

film director is intresting... i hav a friend whos into making short films... man this job is so cool!


60 is tricky!

Resonator said...

Have a nice time in ur coll. fest..
have fun too!!

thanks for ur comments at my blog!..
keep visiting..

happy blogging

vemuri said...

@ parv

u were mentioning about ur frnd right! if possible tell him to participate in our competition if possible,and ya 60 is tricky


thnx for visiting ma blog
and by any chance are u from A.P


deepti goud said...

ohh fest!!! damn cool ya :)