Monday, October 27, 2008


On the eve of Diwali

First of all i would like to wish all my fellow bloggers of

bloggerville " HAPPY DIWALI "

on this note i would like to reminiscence the recent achievements

by/for Indian/India

these are the 5 recent achievement by India... which i


1. the recent domination in commonwealth youth games in India
where India has won 76 medals in total beating Australia.. the

picture below gives u a better idea...

below are some indians who won gold... in relay women and men and gold in swimming

2. sachin's 12000 and India's win against Australians since it

was the biggest win by India ever in terms of runs...

3.viswanathan anand..... on the verge of a victory and successfully

retaining his title and i believe he is still the king of 64 squares...

4. India's recent chandrayaan-1 launch... which was successfull.. it
was a 100 cr. project and in 6 years they are planning a manned mission to moon...Cheers......yay.... hope we don have any

conspiracy theory .......... can we forget him the only gold medalist for India.. in

Olympics..... Abhinav bhindra... the coolest of the lot...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

exams preparation ! ! !

it wass a Monday morning (although am posting this on Friday)... i hate these Mondays i guess every one does.... got ready for the college went to college by 10 o clock am late by half an hour already...and as i entered one of my geek friends asks me how many units did u study??? am like for wat?? for the internals today.. holy shit i din knew it till now.... and am like what ?? today?? which exam?? and he is like E.S( embedded systems) and i was like thinking of going back home.. then he told me that don worry its at 2 o clock u can study.... am like sounds good...

AT 12 o clock ,i was sitting in the class checking out the syllabus... i cant even understand a single unit..... but then the likely happened sumanth entered the room... sumanth is the topper of our class like a lecturer for all of us he is never unprepared he came and told me the 3 answers like we need to write three answers out of 5 .. and by 1:30 i was done with my preparation (all thanks to sumanth....) but some of my class mates were short of preparation so this is how they prepared for the last few minutes....

Am proud of my friends...

preparing the bench before the internal.... he is ragava

he is Uday strongly preparing his hand..

Uday again cheking out his micro sized chit

Naveen who already lost hope on the exam...


P.S: This post has been inspired by thoorika she also wrote a post on the same lines....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

500 Visitors and stil counting

Hi.. blog-0-sphere...

500 visitors visited my life my way..... with-in three months. i started blogging in august and today 15th of october 500 people visited my blog... its kindaa "Mission accomplished " thing....

I saw this in another blogs.... i request my fellow bloggers to be a guest blogger on my blog write a post for my blog as a guest blogger.... you can write anything i mean on any damn topic u want... i shall post it immediately... and it will be appreciated!!!!

mail your post to my mail id.... i shall post it on my blog...


P.S 1: expecting a mail from u guys......

Saturday, October 11, 2008


it has been almost a week i wrote a post like i was really involved in reading others blogs.u see reading blogs takes away a lot of time.. believe me. try it out once....
am not going to use "shit or fuck" word in this post since i have promised Krishna that I'll not.

yesterday i was at my cousins engagement and yeah i was just sitting beside the bridegroom talking to him and as i was talking to him i saw two girls entering in to the house when i looked up to see them

i was like is she her??? is she h??? perhaps not??? perhaps yeas?? yes it is !! it is her.. and yeah she looked at me as if she was seeing me for the first time in her life.. so wat am i gonna do?? i also looked at her like some **(forget it ! am not gonna swear at any one remember Krishna???) later i got to know that she was bride's school friend and when the engagement started i mean i was standing behind the bride groom and had no choice to see her( the girl i was mentioning before)
as she was behind the was really embarrassing in between all this my mother who asks me to touch the feet of my grand parents listen i don have any problem in touching their feet but like she says that in front of every one..
and am like "amma mellaga andharu chusthunaru"(slowly,all are watching us).

i wanted to avoid her( the same GIRL) so was sitting outside for some peace checking out some messages..(forwards of course no gf.. mind u!!!)to my right side
a group of people started discussing about all the issues in this peice of earth....from chiranjeevi to big bang theory to stock market.... and giving away their own opinion.and i was like where the hell did i come. i saw her again when i was having my lunch again it was really embarrassing.and like when i was eating my aunt would come to me say "inkoncham vesuko raja(my knik nme) avakai..lekapothe kura " ( have a little more of this or that)and am like "thanks but no thanks" and she is like parledhu amma inka vesuko inka nuvu chinapiladivi.."( its ok you can have more you are still a kid) am i Kid??? am for god sak 20 yrs old and 6 feet in which part of this world am i called a kid...and she goes on insists me to eat more . and am like watthe heck?? am not a kid i know wat to eat and wat not..( in my mind though!!)i dunno whether its true affection or she just fakes it! i guess it
must be true...

Finally , she( the girl and my aunt) left and i was like THANK GOD' and the girl i was talking was "harshita"( name changed) my college mate she was the first
person whom i ever proposed( excuse me, first time in my eng college not in my life) yeah i really proposed her.. but she needed time.. but i was in a hurry... never mind... this was the reason i got embarrassed..what if she said it to the bride that i proposed her... like " Mera ijath ka kya hoga...???" generally i maintain like am a good innocent boy kinda image (which i am :-P)before my relatives..

i wish she did not tell her..... i wish would come true..........


P.S: krishna... it wasn't easy to write a post without using a shit or fuck word..but it was neither difficult.."

Sunday, October 05, 2008

where is my post office ???

With the improvement in technology every day,many of us have forgot (which includes me !) the importance of "post box" . This was the only
way of communication till 1980's where the tele communication took the lead and now the Internet, day by day and year by year we are trying to forget
the importance of a post box .I thought with the proliferation of technology one day the post box would die of crises but ironically i was proved wrong.

fee months ago , my frnd was suppose to post his cat application.
as he was already late we needed a speed post thing which is
provided by the post office.From my child memory I knew that
we have a post office near our area and it would be a easy task
to find it and post it over there but when we went there that
particular post office did not have a speed post facility( shit man !) and we
had to find another post office which has a speed post facility
we spent almost 2 hours finding the post office under the hot sun
from around 12:30 pm to around 2:30 pm which was really
frustrating : i cursed myself for being so foolish some times
scolding my friend for involving me in this crap eventually
i got to the post office and waited in the queue for at least
10 min with all sweat and just observing how is he working and i was shocked
he was typing like a lay person who is for the first typing by searching
for every single letter and then typing it and i was really shocked by seeing
that . i may be rude but a person on that post should know how to type at least he should have learnt how to do it. finally i got the post done.

yes, post-office still has its own importance in its own way