Friday, November 21, 2008

Slammy !!!

Its always curious to know what the other person is thinking of you and i had this feeling several times.. Finally, my fellow bloggers made it easy for me.....i dunno who started it but i appreciate this guy/girl who ever started it .

i guess tagging is the "in-thing" these days and every blog has one and hence this post.... this not the typical tag...u see in other blogs... this is something different... perhaps i may call it a slam book kind.. or slammy instead u see new name!!!( creativity isn't it???)

This is new "slammy" i saw it in many other blogs.....and i thought of even putting in my blog too

below are a series of queries... and u need to answer all of them

comments will be appreciated....and are needed too !

1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. Something I have and YOU want?

4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?

5. Describe me in one word.

6. What was your first impression of me?

7. Do you still think that way about me now?

8. What reminds you of me?

9. If you could give me anything what would it be?

10. How well do you know me?

11. How do you see me in the future?

12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?


Monday, November 17, 2008

exam blues!!!!

Today we had software project management..... exam.

I messed it up completely. I was sitting in the exam room trying not to forgot anythin i read..... as the paper was given to me which was already 20 min late.... i saw the question paper.... and was like... shit!!! from where did these questions come from????? later, i looked at rahul....( my class mate who is also a blogger )
we both get the same set.... like in our room i rahul uday and pranita will get the same set...rahul and pranita sit diagnally to me on either side... and me in the middle row and uday also sits in the same row ...

hmm yeah, i saw rahul and he was like do u know any question???? and then i turned up to pranita who also told me that even she is confused.... hmmm i thought...that am gonna flunk for sure.. the only confidence i had was that being in final year they don really fail anyone unless and untill u write terribly bad...later, as i read the question paper.... for more than half an hour.. i thought i could answer the first question but forgot the sub titles....i asked raul he knew few and i knew the rest .yay!!! first answer was written sucessfully in 1 and half hour and i have the same time for remaining 4 answers..... and as i started and completed the second answer..i was left with only half an hour more.......then i wrote the answers really fast usually am not a calligraphic and on that i was writing really fast.... hmmm i pity the examiner who corrects my paper...

i don know in which way will he understand my paper..... and i was still a half answer due... but the time was up so i had to give the paper.... each and every time when i complete a exam i would alwys want 5 more min i dunno... why?? perhaps i should manage my time better....


Sunday, November 16, 2008

atlast i told my dad!!!

hmmm yesterday night after making myself brave and got ready to tell my dad.... at around 11 0 clock in the night after my dad had dinner.....

here is the scene...

my was was about to sleep and just lied down on the bed... i went near him and said...

me: i got my toefl result dad!
dad: how much did u get?

me:hmmm i.....
dad: how much ( with a louder tone)

me: i.... uh .... got 77
dad: 77 ....

me: yeah...
Dad : hmm that too less.... wat was the cut off... mark...

me: hmm 80....
dad: hmmm ... ok u can write again... don worry....

Dad: don be so depressed its ok.... it happens... even if u study hard it happens... don worry.... u can write again.....

me: i think i should try out something gate or something...
Dad: may be will c first u study well for ur sem exams....

me: ok dad, and wat about toefl.... and i dunno wat to tell my brother about this!!
Dad: hmm u first study well for your exams.... then write ur toefl.....again..... and i'll tell ur brother about this don worry....

me: ok good night!!!!
dad: good night!!

i never thought that my dad will behave in such a way... i thought he would kill me
after i tell him the score... but he never reacted.....
perhaps....he was expecting this!
perhaps ... he was treating me as an adult....



Saturday, November 15, 2008

sulking badly indeed.!!!

today is 15th of november..... and its been almost three days since i got my result...
till now i did not tell my dad..... because we had cermony kindaa thing in my house... and all my relatives are in my house as in the whole "vemuri" family was in my house.........

my mom and dad are really happy that all of them came to my house.... it was indeed a great get-together.... ..

i am feeling really bad that i did not tell my dad about....this every time i talked to my dad these three days ... i was( am still) feeling guilty that am hidding some thing before my dad...... am feeling really bad and low... today... and i think i should tell my dad about this today.... .. i think i can..... and i think i can't also...

i am totally confused,frustated and fucked up. sometimes i even feel that am cheeting my dad...i never got this feeling all my life of 20 years......

harshita's post had inspired me a lot i think i should get away with this and look for the future.... yeah i shall from now on..... as of now many things are going on in mind........ i guess i could solve all of them in the near future......

P.S: am writing this post only out of frustation ...... so that i can get away with it. Hopefully,tell my dad today.......

Thursday, November 13, 2008

pretty much fucked up!!!

just got my toefl result....scored 77 which is devastatingly

bad.....and all my plans for going to a consultancy and applying for

a universty totally screwed...up!!!

yesterday morning i got up at 7 o clock after sleeping till 4 o

clock studying for my external exam and as i got up i got a call

from one of my firends(kiran who got more thn me!! :-( ) that

scores of toefl are out and he was like how much did u get???

then lazily i went up to the computer started it and my bloody

computer took almost 15 min to start and get connected to the

net... and then as i saw the scores and i got totally disappointed

the immediate feeling was like "FUCK" i screwed it up again....

later, i went to college for the exam and i pretended that am not

disappointed... but actually i was sulking... which also made me

screw my ecternal exam( embedded system ) too....and moreover

when i went to the college i heard that one of my class mates who

also wrote toefl on the same day got 94 !!!(wow) but i was really

swearing at my self for not getting good marks and some times

even her for getting better marks....

all my plans got fucked up

i. i was thinking of going to a tour with my friends in december

after my externals ... which of course got fucked up!!!

ii. my brother who lives in us who had many expectations on me

and i fucked up all those expectations this hurts me more thn


iii. i did not tell the scores to my dad and as of now i don have

guts to face him perhaps i will tell him tomorrow or perhaps


iv. i wasn't able to live my fellow class mates expectations who

thought i would score better or may be they din have any


v. am totally fucked up and fucked up and fucked up!!!

i dunnoo wat's the i really studied and

practiced hard and i mean real hard for almost more than 6

weeks. even after writing the exam i thought i wrote pretty well

and by going according to my score my writing ability is pretty

bad , am i bad in writing??? guys please tell me.,.????

its like sometimes i think am a big loser and am just not able to

do any damn thing in this big world... may be am not so capable of

doing something perhaps anything.... may be am not good enough

as maheswari( remember who got 94 ) or kiran ( who got 92) or

chetan( who got 114)....or perhaps am not at all good .... shit life

why am i not good am i gonna tell dad and mom about this...

they'll kill me if they hear my score...... am like feeling really

bad... it never happened like this..... last time when i felt this bad

was when i broke -up with my grl frnd.....

Fuck fuck fuck fuck....... and fuck!!!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bloody hell....Exams are here....

hmmm exams time.....(shit...)

my sem exams start from Monday and i din even start studying a
single unit till now in any subject... ( hats off to my guts....and

yesterday,I bought the "all in one--spectrum series" fellow
Hyderabad engineering students should be familiar with this book
.... for others... all in one is a guide kinda thing where will be
having all the previous questions papers. of all subjects.....with
solutions(Wow!!! dats why i like it) and most of the questions
come from those questions( tried and tested !!). for majority of the Eng
students in Hyd this is sort of 'GOD' before the day of exam
today i went up to my friends place to learn a unit from him....
but,i ended up explaining a unit to him..( intelligence u SEE!!!) i
learned that unit long bac... after explaining to him i thought....i
Had pretty good memory... and later he also made me learn a
unit..... so i completed 2 units as of now.... i need to study 3 more
units..... u see we have choice we need to write 5 Q out of 8 Q
and hence we learn only 5 units out of 8. i have only 24 hours
more for preparations

but still, i had the time to write a blog post...( cheers!! to me)and
yeah, am thinking of sleeping right now and i (guess) will study

the remaining 3 units...tomorrow....... I guess.....

P.S :yeah, the picture to the right... is my new bike.... Kinetic Nova...135cc... and the one below it is picture where i was about to address the guest of honour during my fest....!!!

opinions are appreciated !!!!


Monday, November 03, 2008


this is one of the funiest pranks i have ever seen