Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy new Year

First of all  happy new year to all my fellow blogger's.

Every one  was talking about all the dark things happened the previous year . So Let me review couple of good things happened in the year 2008.

1 India excelled in sports arena. starting with a gold medal and 2 bronze medals at the Olympics. later, saina nehwal won the world badminton championship and was awarded the " most promising player" for the year 2008 .Consecutive wins by team India in cricket. jeev milka singh won the Golf championship in Singapore. This list goes on and on..... we indeed did  great job in sports.

2 perhaps, the terror attack in November was  indeed very destructive. but , it made everyone aware of the situation we are in and the importance of the election. I guess every one realized that they need to vote and elect only those who are potent and have the caliber to be in that post .I think this time the voter turnout would much higher than the previous year.this was proved in the recent J &K elections.

and now year 2009. I have certain resolutions which, i hope to keep, I want to let u know these resolutions ,so that it'll create pressure on me and I'll work hard to keep these resolutions I took a printout of my wish list this year and sticked it in my room I guess it will make work towards my resolutions.

wish list for year 2009

1. scoring in toefl.

2. possibly even in GRE.

3. Going to the gym regularly.

4. getting a good % in my bachelors degree. make my  SECRET  happen. I will tell you about this secret when its done!

6. getting into some good university for my masters.

7. scoring  high rankTags: in GATE( not sure let c).

8. buying a new mobile for myself which has high audio clarity.

9. buying a professional camera.

10. Improving my computers's configuration

these some of the important resolutions or may be a wish list, which i think i must be keeping this year.

below is a video made on my college life by myself out of  boredom sitting in my was a amateur effort please don mind if its mediocre



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Nidhi said...

happy new yr ...........

Mama Zen said...

Happy New Year and good luck with all those tests!

vemuri said...


yeah thnx and wish u da same...

vemuri said...

@mama zen

yeah thnx for ur wishes and wish u da same

Thoorika said...

Happy new year!! In short your resolutions mean that you gonna become very studious!! Good luck with that!!

vemuri said...


u jus don believe it as i saw the new cooment i thought i should be u... and it is u..!!! cheers to my sixth sense.. he he

anyways i must studious this year... wish i could.... thnx for the wishes anyway