Monday, January 12, 2009

Rest - in - Peace

06-01-2009-tuesday, This very day ill not forget ever in my life. it was a very tragic day not only in my life but to many others in my class. rohit santosh ( my class mate) expired on this very particular day, some say he committed suicide , some say it was a natural death, many don't have any clue. No one expected this from him like i just can't believe that he committed sucide.he came to college on Monday and he was so good like we all made fun of him and so did he . if some one ever commits a suicide I think they show some tendencies which indicate that his/her life is disturbed and they are doing all wrong  to solve it. it took me almost 3 days to get over from it.when i heard the news in the evening  i was shocked and depressed , my heart was pumping much faster than usual ,i was totally confused and tensed. I was not able to realize the situation till i went to the hospital. it was very bad and disgusting way to start  year 2009. may his soul rest in peace!                rohit," we always miss u dude."  

P.S: there is some one who visits my blog from california... may i know whose this??? whomever it may be please comment once...

P.P.S:ill be blogging daily from now, this was my another resolve for this year which i forgot to mention in my previous post.

P.P.S: rohit,  may ur soul rest in peace.                    


Thoorika said...

:( I know it hurts. I faced a similar situation long back in school. May his soul rest in peace!

Nidhi said...

:( :( :(