Saturday, February 28, 2009

change is inevitable

Today, I met one of my old friend Let me explain the scene what happened…

M : Hi!!!

Me : hi , how are you??

M: am fine and you???

Me : fine…

M : smiling….

Me : smiling……

This person M and Me  were  silent for next 1 min and we were standing opposite to each other without speaking anything. after 1 min jus to break the ice.

Me : so,

M : so,smiling…

Me : so, how is your college ??

M : good !

Me : and friends  ???

M : even better ….

Me : good… for you…

M : silent………

Me : silent again……

and at the end that person met some friend and i met some one else and we dispersed……

I was talking to the same person  all day and so was that person  jus a year ago, and now we did not even have a single word to speak or talk to each other.

I sometimes really think, how people change every passing day,we change every day and so our relationships.I am not saying that this person changed and am not putting the blame on that person.In my case,Perhaps,we didn’t have anything to talk or perhaps didn’t want to talk or perhaps because of some other  reason . Relationships change as we move on in our lives.We just need to know , how to maintain such relationships either with friends, cousins ,siblings or girl friends.How can we just can’t talk to each other for few minutes when we use to talk for hours together without any discomfort……. …I think its high time that we need maintain our relationships with every one around us and never loose it unnecessarily……for silly reasons….



P. S : I just started reading... Digital fortress by dan brown.... loving it...!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

92 92 92 !!!!


At last, i got decent marks in my toefl !!!! remember it was one of my resolution for this year!!. i took the test on 24th of Jan and got my result just day before yesterday.this is the second time am writing but that doesn’t matter. Last time i got 77  which is too low and the cut off mark for the universities was 80. I was really shocked in  disgust then, i thought i was really bad in English and lost all my confidence but after getting a decent score like this pushed my confidence up.Generally you need to get at least 91 to get aid in some us universities, am happy that i got 92 and more importantly at least one of my long resolution  list  has been accomplished successfully.   Cheers to me….yupeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I called my dad and told the score he was like good, congrats. and the immediate question was why dint u get 100??? and i was like shit!!!! these parents never get satisfied, even if u get 120 out 120 they still ask for more…. when i told this to my friend, he gave some shit logic which i never understood.

Finally, Am really happy about my score….. happy happy happy and  happy indeed!!!! am not getting any adjectives to describe my happiness.!!!!!!

P.S : last post on indian cricket was real shit, i don’t know  what was i thinking while i was writing that post.Today , when i was just reading that post, i was like dude, what did write over there??? am sorry guys for such mediocrity!!! i try shall not repeat such useless and boring posts…..




Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was getting bored of watching india playing cricket.These days indians are winning every single match they play, which brings boredom at least for me. Earlier, they use win matches but not every match, so i use to enjoy watching cricket because i was curious whether india would win or not ?. But These days they are winning every single match and comfortably with huge margins which brings a kind of monotony to the game.It also makes people loose interest in the game.I think that cricket should not be a one sided game.i generally enjoy the nail biting endings.

yesterdays T-20 match between india and srialnka was a match to watch for sure.It had everything for a cricket fanatic like me.Both teams had their share of the match,the run out of shewag was a big blow to india later after a couple of wickets Yuvraj and raina steadied the ship and had a good and quick partnership of 69 in 50 balls after the dismissal of yuvraj and immediately raina gave srilanks a boost and the match was like almost in their hands. then came the pathan brothers into the crease. Definite appreciation to the pathan brothers who held there nerve and made india win.getting 59 of 25 balls is really difficult especially with only 2 wickets in hand.Both the brothers complemented each other very well and final shot by Irfan pathan for a six was a great way to end and win a match.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009



First of all, i completely apologize to all my fellow bloggers for not blogging for over a month.My desktop got screwed up and i was unable to get it work,so i had to give it for a repair and i just got it today.

I got really bored in my home without my desktop.I learnt how addicted i am to my computer. It was really difficult to pass time especially in the nights :-) when i am in my home alone. i had to pass time watching some idiotic,pathetic and disgusting soaps with my mom on tv. I tried to study for my GATE exam which was on 8th of this month.I think i wrote it well am not sure, its just a blind hope.

I am pasting some of my tour pics, since, i not able to think of anything else to write now. I completely messed up my resolution of blogging every day, I hope ill keep it up from now on. am not assuring that but i try my level best to keep up that resolution.

Finally, out of my Long wish list,i completed couple of them, like i wrote my gate exam, working out daily. Hmmm so here are the pictures.


Early morning at manali.. it happens seldom since,

i generally don get so early




Playing WWF cards….


In the train, Lending money…


At manali again.





On our way to Rotang pass


phewwwww.. i don like to take pictures especially when i go to temples..


This was at Rock gardens.This was for the pictuIMG_8164re and nothing else….


Devotional me…



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