Friday, February 13, 2009

92 92 92 !!!!


At last, i got decent marks in my toefl !!!! remember it was one of my resolution for this year!!. i took the test on 24th of Jan and got my result just day before yesterday.this is the second time am writing but that doesn’t matter. Last time i got 77  which is too low and the cut off mark for the universities was 80. I was really shocked in  disgust then, i thought i was really bad in English and lost all my confidence but after getting a decent score like this pushed my confidence up.Generally you need to get at least 91 to get aid in some us universities, am happy that i got 92 and more importantly at least one of my long resolution  list  has been accomplished successfully.   Cheers to me….yupeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I called my dad and told the score he was like good, congrats. and the immediate question was why dint u get 100??? and i was like shit!!!! these parents never get satisfied, even if u get 120 out 120 they still ask for more…. when i told this to my friend, he gave some shit logic which i never understood.

Finally, Am really happy about my score….. happy happy happy and  happy indeed!!!! am not getting any adjectives to describe my happiness.!!!!!!

P.S : last post on indian cricket was real shit, i don’t know  what was i thinking while i was writing that post.Today , when i was just reading that post, i was like dude, what did write over there??? am sorry guys for such mediocrity!!! i try shall not repeat such useless and boring posts…..