Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was getting bored of watching india playing cricket.These days indians are winning every single match they play, which brings boredom at least for me. Earlier, they use win matches but not every match, so i use to enjoy watching cricket because i was curious whether india would win or not ?. But These days they are winning every single match and comfortably with huge margins which brings a kind of monotony to the game.It also makes people loose interest in the game.I think that cricket should not be a one sided game.i generally enjoy the nail biting endings.

yesterdays T-20 match between india and srialnka was a match to watch for sure.It had everything for a cricket fanatic like me.Both teams had their share of the match,the run out of shewag was a big blow to india later after a couple of wickets Yuvraj and raina steadied the ship and had a good and quick partnership of 69 in 50 balls after the dismissal of yuvraj and immediately raina gave srilanks a boost and the match was like almost in their hands. then came the pathan brothers into the crease. Definite appreciation to the pathan brothers who held there nerve and made india win.getting 59 of 25 balls is really difficult especially with only 2 wickets in hand.Both the brothers complemented each other very well and final shot by Irfan pathan for a six was a great way to end and win a match.


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