Tuesday, February 10, 2009



First of all, i completely apologize to all my fellow bloggers for not blogging for over a month.My desktop got screwed up and i was unable to get it work,so i had to give it for a repair and i just got it today.

I got really bored in my home without my desktop.I learnt how addicted i am to my computer. It was really difficult to pass time especially in the nights :-) when i am in my home alone. i had to pass time watching some idiotic,pathetic and disgusting soaps with my mom on tv. I tried to study for my GATE exam which was on 8th of this month.I think i wrote it well am not sure, its just a blind hope.

I am pasting some of my tour pics, since, i not able to think of anything else to write now. I completely messed up my resolution of blogging every day, I hope ill keep it up from now on. am not assuring that but i try my level best to keep up that resolution.

Finally, out of my Long wish list,i completed couple of them, like i wrote my gate exam, working out daily. Hmmm so here are the pictures.


Early morning at manali.. it happens seldom since,

i generally don get so early




Playing WWF cards….


In the train, Lending money…


At manali again.





On our way to Rotang pass


phewwwww.. i don like to take pictures especially when i go to temples..


This was at Rock gardens.This was for the pictuIMG_8164re and nothing else….


Devotional me…



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Thoorika said...

I see you had fun!!!! My clg trip is not happening at all :(

Thoorika said...

and ya welcome back!!!! :)

vemuri said...


yeah thanks for welcoming back.... looks like ur writing quie regularly..... and regarding ur college trip ... i pity you....!!:-D
if its not happening.... how about a blogger's tour???

vemuri said...


Nidhi said...

m so glad u r back.
aree now ur comp is back m sure u r back to blog in regular basis.
n u knw i loved two pic of urs.
one tht manali thing wher eu just git up
n another where u stretching ur hand looking back :P


vemuri said...

@ nidhi..

thanks a lot!!!for commenting and complementing... you made my day!!! ;-D


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