Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Happy Farewell

After all, It was our farewell. We never expected a farewell party in first place.In our college, we never had a farewell party organized in our college history. we didn’t give to our seniors, they never gave it to their seniors and so on.So, I guess for the first time in our college history farewell happened. The party was at a pub called “Scarlet”. Believe me it was awesome.

I always use to think that people cry,feel sad, and bring out  all different kinds of sad  emotions during their farewell. So, I thought even i will cry, hug,…etc…etc… on my farewell.But,Our farewell was other way round, We enjoyed it to the core, at least i did. We danced for almost for 5 hours with a break of half an hour in the middle for lunch.I really enjoyed it full-on..I guess this was the best party i had ever had.I did not even see a single sad face among our friends.  At least, for the party sake.In fact , all were really happy that they enjoyed a lot and were ready to take pictures after the party. we had fun and that too full-on !!

But, the sad part was that some of my friends were feeling shy,scared,embarrassed, or whatever of dancing on the dance floor with girls. I guess, they would have not danced even if there were no girls.

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     P.S : got my gate result.Successfully disqualified!!!!!

  P.P.S : I am  not feeling bad or something… because i was not well prepared for it.and moreover being +ive you see…!!!!

P.P.P.S : photo effects courtesy…windows live writer… for better view of pictures click it.

P.P.P.P.S :don’t you dare to laugh on my Post script abbreviations… its not pun intended…..



Rahul said...

Happy Farewell indeed

vemuri said...


Parv Kaushik said...

happy farewell!!

Thoorika said...

thats the spirit ..! Keep it up!! My farewell.. I mean farewell for us is coming up next week :) Looking forward to it !!

vemuri said...

@parv... thank Q

vemuri said...


all the best for ur farewell.... make it a happy one