Tuesday, April 21, 2009

writin journals

hey guys,

I was kinda busy since the IPL started because i have been writing journals for a cricket portal.I  write on all chennai super kings matches, Trying to analyse the match and tell you about it in greater detail.


Please do check me out at the above portal , it talks about all the important and latest  indian and world cricket updates.



Friday, April 17, 2009


From now on, i write these moment of truth snipets which talk about not so popular truths which might be useless sometimes ( infact all of the times) but, i still write it (for fun!!!!).

EVM- Electronic Voting machine

This machine was designed,developed, manufactured and tested by Election commision of india in collaboration with Electronic corporation of india, hyderabad and BEL ( bharath electronics limited)  support ECIL.

For the 2009 elections, they have manufacuted around 15 million voting machines in hyderabad, which can record a maximum of 3840 votes and can cater upto 16 candidates in one single unit and if there are more than 16 candidates contesting they can connect 4 Evm's parallely.

EVms was first used in 1982 in the bye-election to Parur Assembly Constituency of Kerala for a limited number of polling stations (50 polling stations)

P.S : information courtesy wikipedia.


P.P.S : proud of my hyderbad.

P.P.P.S : By the way this is my 50th blog post , completed half a ton.



I voted. DID YOU????

The worlds largest democracy has began its elections. Today, I used the ultimate power given to me as a citizen of india, rather i should say the minimal responsibility as a citizen of india. I thought after all the terrorists attacks, tv's showing corrupted M.L.A's and M.P's,insecurity in the public, all the  "PLEASE VOTE"  campaigns by celebrities ; I thought this time  around the voter turn out would be much higher than ever, atleast in my city, hyderabad.

                            The sad part was that my parents had a voter id, but did not have their names in the voter list, so they were not eligible for voting. But, strangely i had my name in the list. I was always curious to know, how do they vote like i know the process but  still i wanted to see it.when i was a kid always wanted to vote, no, not to change the country by my vote, but just for the fun of it.But,in the evening, when i saw the voter turn out statistics, i was really shocked. I never expected a 58% turn out in the capital city,in first place, atleast 60 % is minimum expected from the capital city, where you have all the literate people who talk about economy,politics and swear by the city. Where did all the hyderabadi's go???

I really don't know why, all the celebrities should take time to remind us to vote, I guess, its our courtesy to vote, to change the country, and elect people who are sane. We cannot leave our country to some cold murderer who  thinks politics is just another way of earning money. We might think that, our one single can't change anything, but according to EC, this time we have 10 million new voters ,  i think that is a huge number, which might make a difference, if every one votes. We spend money to send an sms to vote a contestant in a reality show, and make our beloved win the contest. But, why don't we go and vote which is for free and for our own good, and for the country.

Vote for  yourself, Vote for your country( india), Try and make it a better place.



P.S : voting is quite  hip these days....

P.S  : photos courtesy  google images

Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night,I saw a movie called Akashamanta(the whole sky)  and this is my take on the movie

Of course, i missed the first five minutes of the movie, which i guess will not matter as the movie is not that great. The whole movie is dubbed, except the prakash and jagapathi babu scenes. ALL the songs in the film sucks "BIG TIME". I was not able to understand any song except a half  punjabi  song.

The film starts when prakash becomes a dad, he treats her child (trisha) with utmost love and care. AT one point, trisha goes to study in delhi and falls in love, and tells her dad, eventually marries him. the climax scenes where trisha leaves her dad and goes away is quite heart touching, not in the centi way but, on the sensitive side.

Final word :

Don't expect anything from the movie, its jus a time pass, only when you have lots of time  do watch it. For older people, a good movie, a one time watch movie.

my rating :2/5 



Tuesday, April 07, 2009

project blues.....

Its almost 5 in the morning, just completed quarter part of the documentation which is suppose to be submitted( not the quarter but the complete documentation) tomorrow morning at 10 am. The code of our project has also fucked up big time, we were not able to install vs-2005 ( for morons like me - "VS" means visual studio ) but at last after many trail and errors we installed it sucessfully. The worst part was that we din how to execute it( sniff, sniff), we will go to our project site tomorrow and get it done early in the morning at 6 o clock. now, its 5 o clock, few my batch mates already slept, others are trying to rhyme and are playing shayeri-shayeri which is like yack!!!!. me, now thinking of to sleep or not to, as i write its 5 hours 15 min which is like just 45 min away from 6 o clock. I have to sleep because we have seminar tomorrow. i wish this 44 min sleep will help me to do well tomorrow.

P.S: I have not been writing from long time , its not that am busy or something, like am busy but i could have made time to write a blog for my blog, if i was a little better organized.

P.S : still thinking to sleep or not to.....

P.S : wish me luck for tomorrow.

till then