Friday, April 10, 2009


Last night,I saw a movie called Akashamanta(the whole sky)  and this is my take on the movie

Of course, i missed the first five minutes of the movie, which i guess will not matter as the movie is not that great. The whole movie is dubbed, except the prakash and jagapathi babu scenes. ALL the songs in the film sucks "BIG TIME". I was not able to understand any song except a half  punjabi  song.

The film starts when prakash becomes a dad, he treats her child (trisha) with utmost love and care. AT one point, trisha goes to study in delhi and falls in love, and tells her dad, eventually marries him. the climax scenes where trisha leaves her dad and goes away is quite heart touching, not in the centi way but, on the sensitive side.

Final word :

Don't expect anything from the movie, its jus a time pass, only when you have lots of time  do watch it. For older people, a good movie, a one time watch movie.

my rating :2/5 



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