Sunday, May 17, 2009

The past four years

The past four years have been really fantastic, fantabulous,funny and  freaking sometimes.

I have, atlast completed my engineering.Its feels really strange to not to get a chance to  talk to friends, whom you use to spend all day in the college. The worst part is we don't get money after completing your college. When i use to go to college, i use to tell some cock and bull stories to my mom and get money from her,but now its getting really hard to fool my mom. Here is a scene between me and my mom day before yesterday, when i was asking her money.

Me : amma !

mom : what!!!

Me : i need to go out.

mom : ok go..

Me : i need some money too.

mom : money ???( like i never ask her) 

Me : yeah !!!

mom : she looks me from top to bottom(twice) , with her eyes scarcastically saying " get lost ".

Me : amma , i need it, its a little urgent.

 generally, my mom never says no, she will ask me why?? But for a change

mom : i will not give you a single penny. 

Me: i was agaped with her reply, did not say anything.

mom : now go and don disturb me.

This was the situation,i was totally terrified by my mom's answer, thought global recession is also hitting me !!! later ofcourse , I begged my mom for an hour more , guess what, she ultimately gave me the money. life after completing my degree is really pathetic(without friends and money)

Friends, yeah i miss all of them alot,

Few things which never return.

1. sitting in the canteens for long hours with friends, talking some crap, which makes no sense at all.

2. Missing all of them( friend) ,Like you may get in touch with only some of your friends,but all the aquaintances you had in college will be lost and you may not talk to them again in your life.

3. Miss bunking the college, I guess its the best thing, bunking college and freaking out on roads, theatres, bars for somet... you have all the freedom and right to do it.

4. Miss talking, playing games in mobiles, reading news papers, talking to girls  while the class is going on.

5. Miss all those late night second shows, and sleeping in friends room the whole night.

6. Miss all the one day batting before the exams.

7. cutting cakes in the mid-night on friends birthday.

8. making fun of the lectures, in the classafter the class, before the class.

9. missing, roaming all day, in name of "fest's"

10.bunking all the internal exams, thinking  "ITS COOL".

11. copying in the exams.

12. flunking in those exams, even after copying it right!, and then swearing at the system.

13. Begging for the attendance, at the last working hour.

14.  miss all the MULTIPLE  patch-up's,break-up's  stories.


Wish all those could come back again in my life.....