Saturday, June 27, 2009


Atlast, I got my visa guys in hyderabad. This was the reason why i was not blogging for the past one and a half month. I was really busy runing all around to get my documents done. I had my visa  interview on 25th of this month in hyderabad. I was really paranoid till the interview happened. But, the interview went on cool. My appoiment was at 2 o clock, but i went inside by 1 :15 pm. After waiting for a long time at the security check and doucument check. I was given my token and was sitting at the waiting room. Till i went to the waiting room, i was really confident that i can do well in the interview. The waiting hall was just opposite to the vo counter, it was like when our token number flashes on the screen we need to go for the interview at that particular counter shown on the screen at the waiting hall. From the waiting we can see the students coming out after the interview. I was reading the face expression of the people coming out after the interview. I saw three people who went to counter number 12 all of them were looking dejected, i was hoping not to get counter number 12 since i saw them dejected.but as my tocken number flashed on the screen , it was something like this...

token number           counter 

SN216               12

I was not at all happy but went to the counter number 12 , The interview went on like this.

Me : good afternoon.

VO : smiled.

Me : gave all of my documents.

VO : said something.

Me : sorry, i did not get you.

VO : I said thanks.

Me : smiled....... :-D

VO : so wat are you to going to do after your masters.

Me : ( i was not at all expecting that question)  uhh..... i would like to come back and work over here...

VO : ok, so what kind of job will you get over here.

Me : according to my secialization, i would be working as a quality control manager.

VO : ok. where did you under graduate ???

Me : i graduated at jntu with computer as my major.

VO : what is your under graduate  % ?

Me : 61 

VO : any backlogs??

Me : two.

VO : so what is your father??

Me : he use to work in IDL chemicals and now he is retired.

VO : so do u have any ban loans???

Me ; yes, i have a bank loan of 15 lacs.....

VO : was typing something.

VO:  still typing, loked at me seriously.....

Me : smiled when she looked at me...

VO : your visa is approved, you will get your visa in few days... have a save trip.

Me: thanks ma'm you made my day.....

Post script : I was really happy that day, i was really lucky to get my visa....