Friday, July 31, 2009

blog of the day

Yuppie..... I was awarded blog of the day..on 28th july, its natural to not believe me hence here is the link.... blog of the day

It was so kind of these people for selecting my blog and awarding, I think they must have relaxed lot of rules before awarding my blog , It must have been a very hard decision to make.

Anyway, by hook or crook... i have made it.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Poor andy rodick

I am a die hard rodick fan,I was terribly depressed after the yesterdays final, which i was watching at XSB (Hyderabad) Andy rodick lost the championship to federer after a really really long fifth set. Rodick was the better player,all through the match breaking two games of federrer,federrer was unable to break rodick's serve, except in the final set after 14 games each. 

Rodick played fantabulously well,He was just superb, he gave it all this time but couldn't make it.Sometimes, though you play really well and outplay the other player you just don't win. I was really disappointed after the match, but was happy to see rodick in the final after a really long long time. 

Andy, don worry you will definitely come back, we (I) are always there for/ with you. 

from a true rodick fan....  

Facts( courtesy : THE HINDU) : 

It was the longest men's grand slam final in history at 77 games-breaking the previous record of 71 from 1927 in auatralia. 

It was also the longest fifth set in men's grand slam final in history, surpassing the 20 games from 1927 in france. 

We generally talk about rodick regarding aces and serves but surprisingly, federer had 50 aces which was one short of wimbledon record held by Ivo karlovic. 




Friday, July 03, 2009

Things to do

Things to do before i leave....

1. I will be watching at least 3 movies( In theatre's ) a week, not watching the same movie again.

2. I would definitely like to eat hyderabadi biryani, at least once before i leave.

3. I wanted to watch a movie in IMAX before i leave( the biggest screen in India as they claim), which came true last week, I saw transformers 2, Transformers was not so impressive except "Megan fox". She was really hot... .... .. .. .

4. Meet all my cousin's once.

5. roaming on the streets of Hyderabad all night, for the last time.

6. Wanted to watch a movie with someone special for me, which came true by the way. 

7. Should learn how to drive a car ( don laugh!!) and Get a international driving permit, I don even know ABC of driving.... should start learning and get a licence.

As i was writing my things to do list, I started to miss every one, all my friends, cousin's, and more importantly i am starting to miss Hyderabad.

P.S : They are many more things which i like to do before i leave to America, which i can't write over here.... 

P.S 1 : my brother reads my blog, so understand guys....

P.S 2 : I forgot to tell you in my last post, Am through my engineering with " first class ".