Friday, July 31, 2009

blog of the day

Yuppie..... I was awarded blog of the day..on 28th july, its natural to not believe me hence here is the link.... blog of the day

It was so kind of these people for selecting my blog and awarding, I think they must have relaxed lot of rules before awarding my blog , It must have been a very hard decision to make.

Anyway, by hook or crook... i have made it.

Blog Awards Nominee



Thoorika said...

Congrats!!! :) By the way, that link is not opening! Check if the web address is correct or not!

Rahul said...

so u finally did it congrats!!!!!!!!!!

Padma said...

yeah, but its true.... believe me!!!!

thanks any way

Padma said...

yeah, they did it not me...