Thursday, August 13, 2009

leaving india

Probably, this will be my last post from india atleast for the next two year. I would be writing my next post from california. My flight is on 15th august, yes on independence day.Its like independence for me too.

I started this blog on august 8 2008, since then it has been 60 posts and 3000 visitors old. Getting 3000 visitors in a year may not be a big deal for regular bloggers, but for a not so regular blogger like me getting 3000 visits is kind of huge. Thanks to all my fellow bloggers visiting my blog and reading all my shit Patiently,I understand the pain they went through reading my blog and commenting on it. its really tough.

On the occasion of my one year anniversary I like to remember few of my loyal visitors.It was easy for me since only few of them visit my blog(he he ).

thoorika: she does write very well,she writes short stories, friends,moments of her life.. and many more, thanks for being a loyal visitor.

Rahul : He is techno blogger as he claims, U want any information of a new bike in town, u visit his blog u'll get the information.thanks for being a loyal visitor.

kaushik : he blogs on poems, if i may call it so. I guess hw wrote almost on all topic till date.thanks for being a loyal visitor.

It has been a wonderfull journey for me, Bloggin was one of the best thing happened to me I know every blogger says this, but on a serious note, blogging is damn good. I shared a lot moments which i cant with others.It gives me a freedom of expression.

I think it should be taught in school as a subject.More over,people having a blog should be given reservation in college admissions.....and where ever other reservations are applied. hope such day will come.

till then



keep blogging.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

parting ways...

we were 10 of us , who use to hang out daily but now we are left with only 3 thanks to overseas education and employment. We were 10 of us as i said, out of them 2 of them already left to other countries for "PURSUING" their masters, two of them got job and are not hanging out with us anymore , 3 of them are not yet done with their studies and are in their final year, and now we are left with only3 and now even am leaving to us of a this august 15th on the independence day, which is not intentional and it is totally coincidence.

It feels good sometimes, that every one is getting settled in their life, but the sad part is that we are partying ways with each other in the pursuit of life.We use to hang out at GE every single day, we use to go to GE more regularly than people who work over there.We use to have great fun over there.we laughed, we cried , we fought, we boozed, we smoked , we even celebrated birthdays at mid night and what not we did everything we could possibly do at GE. Those were really good days. Probably, the best days of my life.
GE ( for those who dunno about GE, this place is at GE ( genpact a company famously known for its call center)

my friends, missing each one of them

Few of them are missing in this picture and i ll also miss them....

I wish, all of us should meet all together again after few years....

till then