Sunday, September 27, 2009

Confused again!!!

I was thinking of writing a post on issues in california but i was tired of writing it again and again. here, am sitting here alone with my friends lappy on my lap along side the pool.I was just thinking about my life, First of all i did not like my college at all, I got a admit in california state university, but those idiots sent me the admit after the classes started,I flew to LA immediately but did not get even two courses to register, we need to register for atleast two courses if we want to maintain our full time status as a student. I was not able to do that, i wanted to differ it to spring semester but this bloody state did not have enough funds to find the university and hence they have no intake this spring semester.... so, i came back to my own university... Now,I really do not what the hell is happening in my life.I really do not know what am i suppose to do now... since i am not able to find any other university now to join... Life looks like stuck at the moment and i am not able to do anything about it......

P.S : this post is totally out of frustation


Friday, September 11, 2009

Its california

It has been a month since i blogged, reason for my absence was California.I fell sick the day i landed in California, I thought i was hit by the very famous swine flu luckily, it was a regular flu.It took 7 days and 250 $ for me to recover.If it was india it would had taken me couple of days and not more than 250 rs for the doc and the medicines.This country is really expensive. Those 7 days, I had Hyderabad sickness,but not home sickness. I missed my Hyderabad a lot it was a lot better in Hyderabad, perhaps because I was used to it or perhaps because of fever or perhaps because of something else... but i really missed Hyderabad

But,America is no different from India or Hderabad. The only difference i found was better cars, better roads and yeah better cleavages ( No ! am not a pervert Please do not judge my character on that ).

I live at Sunnyvale, where Indian population is too high,when i came to my brother house, it was like coming to a place in India ,you find a lot of Indians around,and you do not at all miss Indian food anytime of the year. The first thing i learn t when i came to America is that here every thing is made simple and easy. So if you are trying really hard to do something, you are doing the wrong way these Americans never try really hard to do anything, every thing is made so convenient.

Never assume the conditions here will be happy go lucky, here the conditions are not so merry until you get a part time job,even if you get a part time job, you should be able to manage your studies and job simultaneously. so you should be physically and mentally fit.Some of my seniors here are working their ass off to earn money and more over this is the recession time so the job getting thing is also not so easy, But at the same time i can tell you its is not too difficult you can face it.You will definitely learn a lot when you come to this place, i learn t how to clean vessels, make my lunch and eat it even its not good, and learning how to lead organized life. I have never ever cleaned my room in india and never let any one to clean my room, i use to scold my mother if she would clean my room but now am cleaning my room every day and i dunno why??? my mom could not believe that i was keeping my room clean. Perhaps, this was my destiny to learn it this way .Anyway,Its really fun now to be here and lead a life away from family.Atlast, its my life my way