Sunday, November 01, 2009

american english is a lot different...

A lot of differences between the english we speak back in india and in america......


petrol--- gas(even if its not gas)

petrol bunk---- gas station


zero-- '0' as in ohhhhh





bath room--restroom/washroom

injection---shot... as in flu shot.

parcel---- they say it.... to go....

we call it

zebra crossing-- they call it cross walk

zero- they call it [o] as in OO...

footpath or pavement----- they call it side walk.

football---- they call it soccer...

rugby--- they call it football..

squash-- they call it racket ball

table tennis-- they call it ping-pong..



2nd year--sopomore

3rd year--junior

fourth year--senior

in india if we say lift to ask some one to drop u somewhere...-- in america... they say it.,.. i want a ride...

we say bill please...-- they say check !!!!

we usually put arms around our friends( am talking about same sex frns) it is quite common in india... but if we do the same thing in america they call it GAY.....



its haloween out here...

Its pretty weird to celebrate new festivals out in california,but actually Halloween is not a american festival its was celebrated by scotish people in scotland..... it was first celebrated in usa in 1950's later within two years it was national wide festival..... even haloween is not a public holiday in america.

Haloween was celebrated for different reasons.... generally in the pagan period, it was thought that from october 31 onwards the day time becomes shorter and both the days the night have equal share of time.. i mean if if day time has x hours the nights will also will have the same amount of hours.......hence the day light saving time is switched back to the normal timing zone at 2 o clock in the night on oct 31... it is also believed that the other world the dead world... will come closest to the living world... (i may not have expressed it the right way for more information search for Halloween in wikipeida...)and hence they believe that the spirits come to this world... along with them the bad spirits also come to this world... so to ward off these spirits they wear dresses which scar the bad spirits.... this might look funny but its true.... there is also a concept called trick or treat... this is like children go to each and every house and say trick or treat.... trick as in they scae you with their scary dress or to avoid it you can treat them with choclates or anything you have.... so children have a ball during Halloween, they get a lot of choclates and literally lot of choclates.... i wish its was celebrated in india around a deacade ago......

so all this might sound wierd.... but it is how its celebrated in america... weird people weird festivals.....perhaps this is how we learn about different festivals.....