Friday, December 11, 2009

My new lap top

Yeah, at last I am a proud owner of a laptop…. from now i’ll be a blogger who blogs from his own lap…. blogging from my lap was some sort a dream come true for me… for a record i handheld my laptop on December 1 2009 evening 6 pm.I also bought a mp4 player and it took me ten days to write a blog post on my new laptop

Hmm… It will be a year again this December.. Life has turned full circle till now and some of my dreams have certainly come true.. like coming here and studying and some of them did not come good like getting thin or like blogging regularly both were unsuccessful because of my big time laziness… I should try and get rid of it one day… its a long term goal….

From goals, I remind myself of my wish list 2009 and lest see how far was i successful in it.just a look back at my wish list..

This was my wish list 2009

1. scoring in toefl.

Which i did…cheers..thumbs_up

2. possibly even in GRE

did not write one .. so its not like i failed or something...fingerscrossed

3. Going to the gym regularly.

never,, did it regularly… I failedthumbs_down

4. getting a good % in my bachelors degree.

Which i did i got a first class in my bachelors… for me its good.thumbs_up make my SECRET happen. I will tell you about this secret when its done!

Which never happened forget it!!! Failed again.Will try to do it this year.. for surethumbs_down..

6. getting into some good university for my masters.

yes am doing it…thumbs_up

7. scoring high ranks in GATE( not sure let c).

Ha ha I was too optimist at the start of the year,,,Failed again in this one..thumbs_down

8. buying a new mobile for myself which has high audio clarity.

i bought myself a mp4 player as i said and a mobile…thumbs_up

9. buying a professional camera.

No… not yet…thumbs_down

10. Improving my computers's configuration

Yes i bought a laptop… so am ok with it….thumbs_up

Which is 5 out of 10 not bad,,,, I guess i can do better next year,,,,and yeah ill come up with my wish list 2010 in my next post…




Sneha said...

Congrats for new laptop and toefl score.:)


Thoorika said...

Not bad... ! I never make resolutions at all... ! Congrats for the Laptop!! take care

vemuri said...


thnx a lot...and kepp coming back

vemuri said...


Why don't you try this time????

Parv Kaushik said...

congrats dude on yr lappy!! expecting more frequent posts here!! nice list for 2009!! hope you'll achieve more this year!!

raja said...

@ parv

thanks and i hope the same with you