Friday, March 05, 2010

Being an Indian

P.S : This post will be patriotic !

I just saw this video. "yeh desh hai meera" from swadesh by Ashitosh music : A R reheman.

Well ,Am listening to the same song now as I am writing this post. I have never felt this way before.I have not felt so patriotic before in my life. I think Indians who live out of India feel more patriotic than who live in Inida. For a second I felt like Damn these studies,money , country and wanted to go back to India. Its exactly as it is shown in the movie.There is a small pain deep in our hearts. I got completely connected to the song.Everyone who lives out here feels the same way and wants to go back to India. But,we feel happy (or whatever it is in-explicable )in being called Indian. Yes, this is true. The first day when I was in the university,one of the students asked me " hey are you from India ???" I was like with a sense of pride on face,Yes, I am from INDIA. Its feels real good when some one identifies you as an INDIAN.I did not realize all this when I was in India but now am feeling and living it.

"Being Indian"



白色情人節 said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

felicity said...

exactly after 2 years i am commentiong on this one...dont know if u will even see this..but yess...i feel the same about being indian and staying outside india!!!! u get closer to india!!!!