Thursday, March 25, 2010



Hello, To all the insomniac’s in the blogger verse.I was a big time Insomniac back in India.But, Ever since I came to California, I was pretty much following 9am-12pm schedule, which  in my case is called “early to rise and early to bed”. Yes, 9 o clock is pretty early.But, The last couple of weeks I have been  following  5 am and 2 pm schedule,where I get up at  2 o clock and sleep at 5  in the morning. I am pretty much following IST living in PST smile_regular

Earlier, I use to like being awake late in the night but not anymore.All I think of in the night  is assignments and nothing else.My life since I have changed my university was all about assignments, midterms and assignments and more assignments and more assignments. For a sec, It feels like “ Yaar kuch tho padrahe huin” I never ever  tried to study in my engineering, All my engineering was all about one day batting before the finals and The other second feels like “ WTF assignments????” “kya padraha huin???”

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Parv Kaushik said...

i remember my insomnia days!! man they were awful!!