Friday, April 23, 2010

Stress and more stress

I am getting really tired these days.I am not getting time for myself. All I am doing is Assignments, Going to Job, studying all night for Mid-terms and then Assignments are back again. I have 'Zero' Social life since I moved to hayward. I am hating it. I have never liked to be organized all my life. But, After coming to us I am forcing my self to have a organized life. I hate planning, I can't just follow a routine every single day and be happy. I believe in uncertainty,Life has to be uncertain, what is the point in living if it is certain. Of course that is a different issue will have a whole post next time. My whole point is that I am getting stressed and I need some time to relax. The course is hectic, My un-organized life is making it no less than HELL.

Life is making me so busy that I am not getting to miss.....

Thursday, April 08, 2010

First things First

The first bike.

The first drag.

The first Beer.

The first laptop/PC.

The first time you proposed a girl/boy.

The first girl/boy friend.

The first love.

The first date.

The first kiss.

The first relationship.

The first job.

The first penny you earned.

The first flight. ( Doesn't apply to millionaires Though ! :D)

The first time you ... forget it... I am really getting bad thoughts now.

The first blog post :P.

These are such things that you never forget!!!!