Monday, May 31, 2010

Its my Birthday!!!

Its my birthday again, but This was THE MOST memorable one in my life. Last year, on may 28  My final semester results came out.My friends took me to GE,I had a great time with all my friends.It was awesome.I was so confused at that time. Now, after one year I feel that I am doing good.I mean I am a step ahead not a step down. I came to us in august,Since then I going good. I got admitted into a better university, I am living on my own,I am working, earning money.  I got good grades.At least I am happy with that forget about my parents.I am grooming myself, I never had so much interest in studies.I am not getting thin though ! .


May 28th 2010, This birthday stays  with me forever. I got the best surprise till date. My first cousins and his family came to our house from LA.I went out to SFO with them, I roamed all day until 7 O clock. When I came home, as I opened the door, All my friends and family  were like SURPRISE…. My brother made that happen. I have the best brother in the whole world.He messaged them on Facebook, took their numbers arranged everything without even letting me know anything. I never expected even in my dreams that It would happen to me, Like the one we see in movies.My parents are in USA, my brother and his family is in USA, I had my first cousin and his family in USA, MY friends, I mean My child hood friends,my engineering class mates, my present friends from my university.ALL of them were there for my birthday. What else can you ask for … I really love my brother… I just can’t express it in words…. I was on cloud 9.This is so damn Ideal…

There are more things which are happening in my life.. Which I can not  make it public.


Life is giving me so much… that am getting afraid of loosing it.



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Saturday, May 08, 2010

The first time I met you.

Note This post is not because I am missing her or something but because I just saw a group on face book called " I still remember the first time I saw you" and immediately wanted to write a post.

Yes,I still remember the first time I saw you.This happened long time ago..It was on the first week of february,don remember the year,date,day or time... all I know is It was in the evening at a bakery.I use to be a shy guy,I never use to talk to girls and proposing a girl was like light years away from my thought.But,that day something happened,Perhaps It had to happen in my life( destiny),perhaps It was love at first sight ,perhaps it was nothing...I dunno... but I was completely blank... The only thing I knew was that She was looking Damn beautiful and when I say beautiful I mean it ( no exaggeration at all).My friend introduced her,I was like Hi... uhh....uhhh... how are you? and she was like Ya am about you??, I smiled and said I dunno why but "I love you", and I am not joking... she had pragmatic smile like the ones we give when we are uncomfortable..and rest is history....

I wish she remembers it too...and hopefully she would read this post, probability of which happening is like...0.002%. she probably doesn't even know that I have a blog....But wish she would read it at some point in her life.

I never got a chance to thank my friend for the favour. Akhil ...Thanks a lot dude...for eveything,,