Monday, October 25, 2010

Need Some positivity !

Before I start about Positivity in my life.. I would start with blogging

I had this habit of writing blogs.. whenever I was frustrated, sad, happy, sometimes for no reason. My blog has been a part of my life for like years until I came to us. Here, I am hardly getting time for myself that does not mean I am busy or something but I am just not getting time to sit alone on my laptop and write some thing...

talking about blogs .. I have to acknowledge Rahul for persuading me to start a blog in the year 2008 and since then I have been blogging.At a point in time , I use to write almost everything and anything in my blog.If you read my blog or I would rather say If you dare to read my blog you would have a clear idea about my life or at least a part of my life.


Right now, Too many things are happening and what ever I do ends up failing. I am trying to think positive but even that doesn't help..

The negative things happening in my life

--> I messed up my cousin's mac book.. I did not mess it up myself but that doesn't matter,I have to fix it anyway.

--> I had to pay 300 $ against my tuition just because of my lazzy bum...

--> I had to go to a Interview and also rented a car for that and ended up getting up late in the morning to bum up my interview and the car fare.

--> Next day,I went to the interview but the interviewer did not show up...

--> I messed up my drive test again because of my lazy ass..

--->Because of all of this , I ended up working for just 30 hours instead of 40...

I know all of this doesn't seem that bad. but just imagine all of it happening in just three days . I was like WTF.....

I need some positive thinking in my life now... As they say, what ever goes around has to come around...

Waiting for good days to come back soon..



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