Thursday, November 25, 2010

Racism and I hate it

Prologue  :  I feel disgusted !

Before I came to the United States I heard stories of white people showing racism against Indians. After coming to the united states I feel all those stories are bull shit. I mean Indians show racism between Indains confused ???  So was I. We show racism between Ourselves.The first racist thing starts with the North and South Indians, I can understand that because south Indians don speak Hindi and north Indians don speak Telugu, Tamil,Malayalam or any other south Indian Language. When there is a language barrier it could be difficult. Although It can be argued.

The worst racism is between our people ( I am talking about AP or Telangana... see  racism again  ) Like People from andhra pradesh all of them speak telugu right ??  all of them eat almost the same food right  ??  I don understand why still they feel other caste people are different than us. Like I was talking to this girl and she was like I  would only marry or love  a reddy and no one else ??  I was like why ??  she goes like My Father would not agree.  Goodness me , We are like in 2010 almost 2011. If ur born on this earth, Its your right to get married by your choice. I understand your father  took care of you all these 20 years but he had to do it. out every 100 fathers 99 of them will do it right ! Do you think  your father would not love you any more if you get married to a person from different caste without his permission ??  no right??

The second thing , In this modern India, Take any application form , you still need to write down  your religion  on the application and if you don't  write it  they don't take it. How does my religion  matter to him  ?? I mean Why should he need to  know about my religion or caste ,I mean It shouldn't be mandatory  right?? democracy dude  for god sake !

I  see this racist thing in people from the rural areas  I do not want to be mean but yes, it is the fact. I know people who feel closer to a person even if he is a stranger  just because his last name is reddy, chowdary or he is bhramin or some ramdom Joe . Sick of those people.I hate the fact , I have to be them just because I have no other option. Some times I feel that I have to show racism against people who show racism. Hate Fucking society !

Epilogue :  Feel even more disgusted every single day ! 

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Train

I have read, heard about this like many times till now. If you ever want to become a director you should be a good story teller. This is my first approach in writing stories rather telling a story (written).

Precautions  :
This could be a story you probably heard.Since, I make stories out of stories. You might seen the same stories as I did so might look completely familiar.

Story :

My story also starts at a Station as most of Indian movies.

Its  6 O clock  in  the morning, Adi walks into the station with his jacket and scarf around his neck.Its dark and cold outside with the sky about to turn blue.Adi looks for train at the track. After few minutes,he sees a light from the far right coming towards him. He goes closer to the track. The Hog head honks at adi watching him being closer to the track as he pulls the train into the station, A huge block of wind pushes adi  but adi tries to stay put blocking the wind.Trains comes to a halt, doors slide and people come out of train pushing adi to the left and right.Train waits at the station for 15 seconds, doors slide in and train pulls out of the station.Adi still standing at the same place shows sense of discomfort on his face and looks for another train to pull in.After few minutes, adi sees another train pulling in,Seeing the train adi gets and moves more closer to the track as if he is about to jump. adi frees himself and gets ready for the train.As the train pulls in the station adi tries to jump on the track to commit suicide pushes his right leg to make a jump  but a  sweet little voice shouts at him,
Hey you ??
Adi turns towards her with sense of discomfort on his face but as soon as he watches. Huge block of wind blows against them trying to move them but both of them stay put.Adi watches her as she is setting up her hair.Doors slide, people come out of the train, pushing both of them, walking in between them but adi doesn't let his eyes go away from her,all the pains and complications in his life seem to go away for a second by just looking at the beautiful face as she says, Dude, you  slipped your wallet

Oh, yeah thank you.

For the next few days adi comes to the  same station just  to talk to her every day .After few months,They both fall in love and  lived happily ever after.

Cheers !!

Peace !!