Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fish !

At 15, They said, you got to be at the pond to  fish.
At 16, I said, I  Fianlly learnt  the art to fish.
At 17, They said, you got to look in different ponds to find a better fish.
At 18, She said,  Can I be your fish  :) .
At 19, I said,  your not the right fish.
At 20, They Said, Don worry There is lot fish in the Pond.
At 21, I said, I am fishing a lot but still can't find a fish.
At 22,They said, Keep Fishing.
At 23, I  said, I found lots of fishes but nothing was like the first fish.
At 24, They said, go back to your first fish.
At 25, I said, your the most amazing fish in the world, I looked in different ponds and wasn't able to find a fish like you. Will you be my fish for rest of my life ??