Thursday, April 12, 2012

20 something woes

Well, I am 20 something or rather early 20's. I am trying to explain my situation here, its pretty complex and typical.

When your 20 something or in your early 20's
 1) Your probably a recent college grad.
2) Jobless
3) single
4) financially dependent on your parents or credit cards.
5) none of your friends are with you anymore every one is busy with their own problems and life.
6) Alcholic/smoker/god know what else which is not by any means good for health.
7) believing in horoscopes wishing it predicts when you you will get a job.
8) and desperately want to be successful  in life and solve all your miseries with that one job.

Well, I am in one of these dudes. This is probably one of my worst phases of my life.  I am just out of school grad looking for a job in a IT industry( which is very 'Indian' btw ) dreaming to make it big one day in silicon valley but  besides that  I don't have friends around me to hang out with. all of them are spread out to the length and breadth of the country and you try to make new friends whom you see around your block, who are still going to school, they don't talk to you cause your too old for them and its not 'cool'  and if your trying to make friends with people who work, they don't like you either cause your too young to discuss work and politics.So, basically in a situation where facebook,twitter, youtube, yahoo and google  are your best hangout places and mostly,wikipedia cause you  prepare for the interview.

Now, After all that comes the love of your life. <3  Love is in fact the other huge problem for an average 20 something dude.  Some of them are lucky enough to find their love and live with them for the rest of their lives and others are also lucky enough not to find one and they keep looking for one. But they are few others,these are the worst kind, who find their soul mate but don't have time or resources to make that connection.

The latter kind find it even worse, They do not know if they should keep everything aside and go after the love of their lives or just find some one else considering the fact I read in a physcology book which says "They are not just one but many soul mates for everyone in this world". And after all that, you will have competition to win her over other dudes whom you think do not deserve her.

Finally you come to the conclusion that 'Life has to move on'. A new day, A new life, A new struggle.



net2mailbox said...

Really i liked it when you said, "A new day, A new life, A new struggle"

Life is never easy but we can make it a bit easy by being patient, confident and optimistic. Stay in touch with your friends and family they are a real support.

net2mailbox said...

I really liked it when you said "A new day, A new life, A new struggle."
Life is never easy but we can make it a bit comfortable for us by being confident, patient and optimistic. Neve lose hope. Stay in touch with your friends and family they are a real support.

Sach! said...

ditto ! Besides, we're a dreamer too. :)

A new day, A new life, A new struggle and A new dream !